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House prices have risen fastest in Amsterdam and Haarlem since 2013 | Economy

Prices of owner-occupied homes have risen the fastest since 2013 in Haarlem, the Zaan region and the Amsterdam region. These are increases of up to 130 percent in less than ten years. This is evident from figures from Statistics Netherlands. In large parts of Zeeland, the increase was ‘limited’ to about 70 percent.

In 2013 house prices were relatively low due to the financial crisis. But in the course of that year, prices started to rise again and that trend continued until last summer.

In the intervening years, house prices doubled in many places, with the north of the Randstad and the Zaanstreek being the outliers. Prices in Zeeland and North Limburg rose the least, although it was still a plus of 70 percent.

Remarkably, there was a turnaround in 2019. Until then, owner-occupied houses in the Randstad in particular became more expensive. After that, prices rose just outside the Randstad, with Delfzijl, Southwest Drenthe and Flevoland being the outliers. In those years, prices rose the least in Amsterdam.

At the end of last summer, house prices started to fall again. Here, too, the change was strongest in the Amsterdam region.

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