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How the Big Brother plate looked with Virginia Demo’s movements


Virginia Demo made the corresponding moves as a leader in Big Brother 2023 (Telefe), and decided to get out of danger Martin Ku, and put on the plaque for Sunday, June 2 Florence Regidor. In this way, the only ones still in the house are: her, and The Chinese the others on plate.

Santiago del Moro He entered the house, and asked the leader to choose which of her companions was going to go up, and she chose to go up to an “ally” who was Florence. The driver said goodbye, and came back in minutes later to tell him who he was going to save, thus choosing to The Chinese.

Therefore, the list of nominees was as follows: Juliana Furia Scaglione (for being sanctioned), Darío Corti, Florencia Regidor, Nicolás Grosman, Bautista Mascia, and Emmanuel Vich.

What happened between Fury and Virginia in Big Brother?

Virginia Demo is not at its best Big Brother (Telefe) due to the repetitive fights he is having with Juliana Rage Scaglione.

Although the participants only had a cordial relationship within the house, with the visit of their daughter Delfina this has changed and they have had tense exchanges.

For this reason, in a conversation that the comedian had with her family member, she made it clear what she really thinks about her little sister: “Look out how sexist this mine is who is with all men, he doesn’t even want a woman. That’s why I say that it catches my attention because she pretends to be the strong woman and the woman that I know and doesn’t love women, she always goes against women.”

“He always talks about bodies, it makes him laugh, whenever he could say something about bodies he said it”Delfina supported her in her comment.

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