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Huge upset in the ice hockey World Cup: Finland lost to Austria


Austria secured a surprise win over Finland on Thursday. Photo: Katerina Sulova / CTK / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 16.05.2024 19:10:00

Sport: The Austrian team was down 0-2 in the first period, but battled back to tie in the next two.

The match seemed to go to extra time, but at the last second Benjamin Baumgartner became the match winner. The scoring came so close to the final signal that the referees had to check on video to ascertain that there were still a few tenths left on the clock when the puck crossed the line.

Austria is in the same group as Norway and stands with four points after four games. On Tuesday, they took Canada to overtime after being down 1-6.

Finland is on its side with seven points after as many matches. On Monday it was 4-1 over Norway.

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