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Hundreds of migrants attempt to cross US border after false rumor (VIDEO)

This group of migrants constituted “a potential threat of mass entry”was justified the spokesman of the protection of the american borders (CBP) Roger Maier to Associated Press.

Faced with this blockage, many migrants, mostly Venezuelans, attempted to cross over two other, smaller bridges: the Stanton Crossing and the Americas Bridge, forcing US Customs to erect barricades, the carrier also conceded. word.

false rumor

The day after this influx at the US-Mexico border, the Texas Tribune explained that the high concentration of migrants in front of the Paso Del Norte bridge was due to a false rumor circulating on Facebook claiming that the border was temporarily open. Trying to escape life in Mexico, where they cannot legally work, many migrants wanted to take advantage of this windfall to cross to the United States safely. They passed the tolls before ending up in the center of the bridge where they were eventually turned back by US law enforcement.

“On Facebook we saw an image that said they were going to open the bridge today because it was Migrants Day or something”a woman told the Texas Tribune. “We just want an answer, so we came to see if it was true.”

A faulty application

Sunday afternoon’s event demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the new application launched by CBP to allow migrants from many Latin American countries to register before they can enter American soil. An application they are required to use to be able to participate in the “humanitarian parole” program, relayed the Texas Tribune. The government recalled at the start of the year that this was the only way for migrants at the border to apply for asylum.

But this application would not work properly from Mexico, the landing point for most Latin American migrants. The Texas Tribune notably relayed the testimony of a migrant who claimed to try daily to obtain permission to come to the United States using the US government’s mobile application but that she had never been able to obtain an appointment. YOU.

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