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Hunter Biden lost attempt to have the gun case against him scrapped


Hunter Biden (th), the son of US President Joe Biden, was unsuccessful in his attempt to have the weapons charges against him dropped. Here with his mother, first lady Jill Biden. Photo: Alex Brandon / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 13.04.2024 01:53:04

Policy: Judge Maryellen Noreika in Wilmington struck down Biden’s request to throw out two counts of lying about drug use in connection with the purchase of a gun in 2018 and a third count of illegal possession of the same gun.

The order facilitates the commencement of the case. It is tentatively set for June 3 in Wilmington. Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty.

The charges against him were dropped by Special Investigator David Weiss in September. Biden then became the first child of a sitting US president to be indicted. He could get more than 20 years in prison if convicted.

His lawyers have argued that the indictment must be dropped for several reasons, among them that the law Hunter Biden is targeted for, according to them, has probably become unconstitutional after the United States Supreme Court expanded gun rights in 2022. They also claim that he is being prosecuted for political reasons.

President Biden’s son has acknowledged that he struggled with an addiction to crack cocaine during the current term, but his lawyers say he did not break the law and that another nonviolent first-time offender would not have been charged.

The 54-year-old is also charged with federal tax offenses in California, and faces up to 17 years in prison. That case is scheduled to start on 20 June.

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