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“I don’t want to be a public person”

Alec Baldwin discusses ‘Rust’ incident: “I don’t want to be a public person”

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In 2021, Alec Baldwin accidentally fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust, a film directed by Joel Souza, whom he also injured in the incident. 

The actor was rehearsing a scene in which he pulls a gun from his holster and aims it at the camera. However, the prop gun was unintentionally fired, resulting in a fatal blow to Hutchins’ chest. 

In 2023, the two charges of manslaughter against Baldwin were dropped. The actor recently opened up to The Times, explaining how the incident has severely affected him. He revealed that during the past 18 months, with criminal charges looming over his head, his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, has always been by his side. 

Explaining that she “took control of his life,” Baldwin revealed that the moment after the incident happened, he phoned her and said, “I don’t want to do this for a living any more. I don’t.” 

He also told his wife, “I don’t want to be a public person”. Although Baldwin has a long list of successful acting credits, from Martin Scorsese’s The Departed to the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, he believes the shooting will always overshadow his career.

Despite the charges being dropped, the prosecutors stated that this does not “absolve Mr Baldwin of criminal culpability”. Hutchins’ family do not believe that justice has been served. Their representatives said he cannot “escape from the fact that he had a major role in a tragedy.”

The filming of Rust resumed on April 20th.

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