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Imanol Rodríguez’s anguish due to the bad moment he experienced: “Three people violated my privacy and attacked me”


Imanol Rodríguez shared a strong statement online and explained with anguish why decided to leave his apartment.

What happened to Imanol Rodríguez

He actor and son of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez He said that he was the victim of a violent robbery and made the decision to move: “Today a stage in my life ends. With a bittersweet taste, I forcibly decided to leave the apartment where I lived for two years.“.

“Where we chose it together with Tati to be able to start living together, which later didn’t work out but luckily I was able to make it my home, the place where I felt safe, where nothing bad could happen. Every day I wanted to come back. I really enjoyed staying in there all day, having friends or family come to eat, chat,” he continued.

The bad moment of Imanol Rodríguez

“Everything there was always fine until Two weeks ago, unfortunately, I experienced an episode that I wouldn’t wish on anyone in the world.. Three people randomly decided (I think) to violate my privacy and attack me in order to take something. It is not to delve into details. What they took, luckily, was material, but I needed to make some kind of defense of this type,” said the young man.

“I wasn’t planning on doing it, but today moved me a lot. Luckily friends and family were never absent and I have plenty. I’m happy about that. They showed me that they will always be there. The only thing left is to move forward and be grateful for being alive.“he concluded Imanol Rodríguez about the bad time he went through.

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