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Important changes in El Trece after the uprising of Una de Dos with Federico Bal


Federico Bal debuted as host of One of two in El Trece a week agobut in the last few hours it was learned that they are going to lift the program.

The actor took the place of Roberto Moldavskywho left the channel’s leadership due to other work commitments, but the ratings did not help him.

Now the journalist Pablo Montagna reported through X (formerly Twitter) that One of two will end soon and announced the important changes: “Movements in the afternoons of El Trece. End for 1D2. They stretch Matter of weight and Not very correct. Comes back 100 Argentines Say (driver wanted)“.

They raise Federico Bal from El Trece

How was Roberto Moldavsky’s farewell to El Trece?

Roberto Moldavsky said goodbye to directing Una de Dos (El Trece) with a few simple words to dedicate himself fully to theaterand welcomed Federico Bal.

The host appeared on his program on Monday, May 6, to say goodbye to the entertainment series, and appeared with the son of Carmen Barbieri on screen to surprise everyone.

“What is this? What is this? I’m leaving for five minutes and I already have people in the house.”he began by saying Moldavskybetween laughs. “How are you doing? As you already know, today is my last program, I really had an incredible time, these two months are going to be unforgettable, I learned a lot in Una de dos,” continuous.

Later, he felt grateful to all the people who accompanied him and expressed: “Thanks to you who were there and supported all the people who work here, who are fantastic, except for a few that I am not going to name, but in general I had a great time.”

Then, he pointed out and introduced his replacement: “And well, like when you go on vacation, you leave your house to a friend, you say hey, water the plants.”

“What fucking place do I have left? It’s the friend who gets everything out of you,” answered Bal in an ironic way. “No, I leave you a fantastic program Fede,” the comedian clarified. “You know I love you right?”the actor responded. “I love you too,” the driver clarified. “We are real friends, people have to know,” assured faith.

“This is a friendship that comes from the hot pool,” joked Robert. “He came to several parties”revealed faith in the same way.

Finally, Roberto Moldavsky concluded: “So I leave you to Fede, you are going to have an incredible time, you are going to continue having an incredible time. Fede, thank you for everything, it has been a pleasure, we will surely meet again somewhere. Thank you for your patience to the entire production company , to Boxfish, to everyone. I’m going back to the theater, on June 8 I’m going back to the theater, but hey, Fede, the only thing, no parties here.”

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