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In All Access they anticipated a possible entry of a former participant to Big Brother


This edition of Big Brother (Telefe) has had various incomes which were highly criticized by viewers because they increased the chances of the isolation being broken. So, from the production it was decided to add participants with the playoffs, the Golden Ticket, new players and even temporary visits from former participants.

However, The most questioned entry was that of Coty Romero, who is going to be another player this season, so she will have her revenge. And, in the last hours, The possibility began to be rumored that Rabbithis ex-partner, is also part of it.

In any case, it was just a version that was circulated on the networks, until All Access (DGO) Ariel Ansaldo made a very strange comment: “There will be few people left in the reality show until they enter a new batch”.

He was rebuked by Diego Poggi: “If people come in tomorrow…”, who immediately realized that he had screwed up and covered his mouth with his hand. So, finally, Big Ari noted: “You just burned the Cone”.

The cry that destabilized Coty Romero in Big Brother

Coty Romero re-entered Big Brother (Telefe) to give her all, but in the last hours a scream from outside left her worried.

While Nicolás and Manzana were chatting in the patio, someone outside shouted: “Nico I love you. Hold on Bros! Traitor Coty!“.

Friend, I have to know that this talk is very important.“, Apple asked him. And Nico expressed: “We have to use Coty against the outside“. (Video: @TronkOficial).

After this moment, Coty Romero He asked Nicolás: “Were you outside when they screamed? ‘Coty traitor, hold on Nico’, did they say that?“.”You know what happens, I listen to that and what do I care… Don’t screw yourself up.“, her partner, who knew that he was voted for her at the last nomination gala, tried to calm her down.

I understand, these are things that happen… But it happened to me last year that they said things that made me feel bad. Today it doesn’t bother me because I told you,” Coty continued.

“Exact, We don’t know if it’s real or not., do you understand? So that’s it, peaceful“the player insisted. And the woman from Corrientes closed while hugging him: “I love you very much… I like it because you know how to separate those things, it’s like ‘I voted for you, well bye’“.


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