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25 Hilarious Ricky Quotes That Are Just Sweet Empowered


  • Rickyisms, the hilarious mispronunciations and misuses of words by Trailer Park Boys’ Ricky, are a main feature of the show and always funny.
  • Ricky’s frequent misunderstandings of common sayings, like “what comes around is all around,” add to his comedic persona.
  • Ricky’s association of everything with cannabis, like wires with fire hazards, showcases his unique perspective and lack of understanding.



The best jokes are always simple, and maybe that’s why Trailer Park Boys Ricky quotes are so hilarious. Rickyisms, a collection of lines attributed to the character, are a thing. Many great Ricky quotes consist of wrongly substituting a single word or just mispronouncing something, taking puns, metaphors, and wordplay to a whole other hilarious level. There’s actually a term for this type of comedy or mistake, and it’s called malapropism. Rickyisms have become a huge part of the character, a main feature of the show, and always surprisingly funny.

For 12 seasons of Trailer Park Boys, Ricky found unique ways of expressing himself, from jah-la-pah-no chips and sweet empowered chicken to rocket appliances. In fact, in an early episode, Ricky clearly states “I just don’t know how to express myself sometimes when I need to be properly different.” Constantly in and out of jail and looking for illicit ways to earn a living, Ricky is far from a pillar of the community. Yet, he’s the driving force that kept the boys going for years, and his misunderstood maxims made him unforgettable.

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26 “What Comes Around Is All Around.”

Season 1, Episode 3, “Mr. Lahey’s Got My Porno Tape!”

Lahey grimaces at Ricky in pain in Trailer Park Boys

Some of the best Ricky Trailer Park Boys quotes deal with Ricky’s frequent misunderstandings of common sayings, which is best shown with his usage of “what comes around is all around,” which makes almost no sense but fits perfectly with his other Rickyisms. What’s even better than Ricky’s misuse of “what goes around comes around” is Trailer Park Supervisor Jim Lahey‘s drunk correction – “Don’t you mean what’s all around comes around, Ricky?” It is especially embarrassing when Lahey points out the inaccuracies of these Rickyisms as he is not only Ricky’s sworn enemy, but he is also not the smartest man in the park either.

25 “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Wires.”

Season 8, Episode 9, “Righties Loosies, Lefties Tighties.”

Bubbles holding a cat in Trailer Park Boys

There’s a cannabis grow-op reference in almost every single one of the Ricky Trailer Park Boys quotes, which is why he associates wires with a possible fire hazard. In fact, it’s likely he has some experience with this first-hand. Bubbles is the star of this episode, “Righties Loosies, Lefties Tighties,” partly because of his engineering knowledge, one thing Ricky sorely lacks given his experience with wires. Ricky’s confidence in spouting out such sayings makes it all the funnier that he cannot see how he proves himself equipped for the task at hand.

24 “It’s Clear To See Who Makes The Pants Here.”

Season 4, Episode 6, “If You Love Something, Set It Free.”

Ricky Bubbles and Julian looking in the camera and pouring a drink in Trailer Park Boys

In the episode, “If You Love Something, Set it Free” the Trailer Park Boys hunt a mysterious intruder in their pot field. This particular show is rich in Rickyisms for fans to marvel at. There is the hilarious “fill my feet” instead of “fill my shoes” and “radies” instead of “rabies.” Bubbles is there to help out with terms like “samsquanch.” However, the gem comes from Rick when Corey and Trevor’s current “boss” Sarah prohibits them from working with Julian or Ricky again. Wanting to insult them for being bossed around so easily, Ricky only once again succeeds in making himself look like a fool.

23 “Worldy Pipe.”

Season 3, Episode 8, “A Sh*t Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots.”

Ricky and his car home from Trailer Park Boys

For longtime stoners like Ricky, everything is associated with cannabis. Even the worldwide web can be comparable through Ricky’s unique understanding of the English language. It’s a web, a net, so why not a pipe? Ricky uses these particular Rickyisms in a number of episodes, and it’s a surprise that it hasn’t caught on more widely considering how clever it is. He also recognizes that pipes have a million uses, including transmitting data all over the planet. Of course, it is not at all surprising that a simple man like Ricky doesn’t have a full grasp on how the internet works.

22 “Water Under The Fridge.”

Season 8, Episode 1, “Money Can Suck My C**k.”

 Ricky picking a fight with the cameraman as Julian holds him back in Trailer Park Boys

Ricky isn’t a country boy, he lives in a trailer park. He knows more about household water leaks than scenic bridges over rivers, which explains his frame of reference in this classic Rickyism. In this particular episode, “Money Can Suck My C**k,” the protagonists all have separate business ventures going.

There are times when they have to work together and forget past grievances in the Trailer Park Boys mockumentary show, which extends to the film crew that they have to work with, who managed to trick Ricky into signing the Boys up for more seasons of the show. It is an interesting bit of storytelling addressing the documentary aspect of the series that is largely ignored parred with a hilarious quote about forgiveness.

21 “You Can Go To College And Get Your Little PFD…”

Season 1, Episode 2, “F*ck Community College. Let’s Get Drunk and Eat Chicken Fingers.”

Bubbles with num-chuks with Ricky and Julian in Trailer Park Boys

After yet another stint in jail, Julian hopes to turn his life around and contemplates attending college, prompting this Rickyism. Ricky, who famously struggles to complete his grade ten, is against it, as he’s worried that Julian’s departure could put his schemes in serious jeopardy. The two argue over their futures, and, in true Ricky fashion, he hits Julian with “you can go to college and get your little PFD or whatever the f*** it’s called, I don’t care.” The irony here is that, while Rickey doesn’t seem to know what a Ph. D. is, he definitely doesn’t know what a PDF is, either. It is a hilarious reminder that a little more education wouldn’t be such a bad idea for Ricky.

20 “Passed With Flying F****** Carpets.”

Season 4, Episode 7, “Propane, Propane.”

Ricky, Bubbles and Julian at Julian's bar in Trailer Park Boys

In the episode “Propane Propane,” the Boys need a truck for the upcoming weed harvest. In a race against time, they have to get their illegal crop out before law enforcement finds it. They make a mistake when they send Cory and Trevor to steal an appropriate vehicle, and they return with a propane tanker. The only one who can drive it is Trailer Park Boys‘ Bubbles, The episode contains several great Rickyisms but none beat his misguided attempt to lie about Bubbles passing the license test. The fact that Ricky doesn’t even question the use of flying carpets in this saying suggests there aren’t too many tests he would pass either.

19 “Hang Your Horses.”

Season 10, Episode 7, “Up In Smoke We Go.”

Ricky talking to Julian in Trailer Park Boys

A funny combination of “hang on” and “hold your horses,” both of which have the same meaning, “wait.” This infamous episode, “Up in Smoke We Go” features several celebrity cameos, including Tom Arnold, Snoop Dogg, and Doug Bensen, and contains one of the funniest Rickyisms. Eve with the star-studded line up, Ricky continues to steal the show as he incorrectly uses this phase to stifle any impatience from others. Ironically, if Ricky took a little more time to consider what he was saying before he said it, he likely wouldn’t make so many errors.

18 “Atodoso/I-toad-a-sew.”

Season 5, Episode 2, “The Sh*t Puppets.”

Ricky standing in a kitchen in Trailer Park Boys

It can sometimes be difficult to understand some of the Trailer Park Boys Rickyisms, and even his best friends Bubbles and Julian occasionally have to work some magic to interpret his sayings like when he smugly let them know he was right. Normally someone would say “I told you so” to hold something over their friends’ heads, but it can be difficult to get that point across when Ricky’s brain jumbles all of his words together into a quick mess like “Atodaso/I-toad-a-sew,” one of the best running Trailer Park Boys jokes.

17 “Looks Like A Tropical Earthquake Blew Through Here.”

Season 2, Episode 1, “What In The F*ck Happened To Our Trailer Park.”

Ricky talking into the camera in Trailer Park Boys

When the boys return to Sunnyvale during the Season 2 premiere, they discover that it’s in a state of total disarray, bringing in this Rickyism where he comes up with an entirely new weather event. Had Ricky stuck with either a tropical storm or an earthquake, his assessment of the state of the park would have been quite accurate which is certainly a rarity for him. However, Ricky got greedy with his wording, forcing the two concepts together and making yet another foolish statement that an adult should know better than to use.

16 “How To Get Burbon Stains Out Of Ka-Hickey Pants.”

Season 3, Episode 2, “Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor.”

Jim Lahey drinking in Trailer Park Boys

In Season 3, Mr. Lahey begins looking for a candidate to temporarily replace Randy as Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor, and Ricky is eager to earn the job, prompting one of the best Ricky Trailer Park Boys quotes. The partnership between these two enemies is almost immediately a bad idea, especially with Lahey’s rather unusual idea of what is needed for the position. He’s befuddled by some of the questions on Lahey’s aptitude test, blurting out “how to get bourbon stains out of ka-hickey pants? This is f*****, Lahey.” Remarkably, Ricky gets the job, perhaps as a sign of how few people wanted to actually work with Lahey.

15 “Two Turnips In Heat.”

Season 10, Episode 1, “Freedom 45?”

 Ricky, Bubbles and Julian on an ATV in Trailer Park Boys

There are a few funny Trailer Park Boys Ricky quotes in this episode, “Freedom 45?” in which our heroes make another attempt at early retirement. Another example is “Whole different kettle and dish.” This hilarious mispronunciation of root vegetables, however, is the best of them all. Only Ricky could take a simple phrase like “turn up the heat” and make it about plant mating practices. Once again, it is baffling that Ricky assumes there is a scenario in which turnips would be in heat, let alone that this commonly used phrase refers to that. It is yet another strange glimpse inside this man’s mind.

14 “Knock Knock.”

Season 2, Episode 2, “Jim Lahey Is A Drunk B*stard.”

Julian and Ricky standing outside in Trailer Park Boys

Often directed at poor Jim Lahey, everyone got the butt-end of Ricky’s “Knock knock” opener at some point, one of the classic Ricky Trailer Park Boys quotes. Sometimes it’s followed by an actual reply, other times the retort is simply two extended middle fingers or the expletive, “F**k off.” There are fierce debates online about Ricky’s best knock-knock jokes, with favorites ranging from the short and simple to long ranting lectures. He seems to have one of his unique knock-knock jokes on hand for every occasion. With each new one, it becomes more and more clear that he simply does not understand the construct of a knock knock joke.

13 “What Julian Doesn’t Grow Won’t Burn Him.”

Season 4, Episode 7, “Propane, Propane.”

Julian putting up his hand in Trailer Park Boys

There are several memorable Ricky Trailer Park Boys quotes in this iconic episode, “Propane, Propane” which focuses on a Snoop Dogg concert, among other interesting bits of local drama. This one is so apt it makes fans wonder if Ricky’s little euphemisms really are accidental. Both Ricky and Trailer Park Boys‘ Julian have had their own issues with the law, partly because of the plants that they grow, so this makes more sense than the actual saying, “what they don’t know won’t hurt them.” It is funny that Julian is often seen as the responsible and rational one of the group by default even though he is a deeply immature grown man in his own right.

12 “Survival Of The Fitness, Boys.”

Season 7, Episode 6, “We Can’t Call People Without Wings Angels So We Call Them Friends.”

11 Ricky and Bubbles standing by a lake in Trailer Park Boys

Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles (who has his own funny quotes) aren’t always working alone in their various endeavors, as they frequently have the assistance of other characters like Cory and Trevor in the earlier seasons and Cory and Jacob in the later seasons. However, some of the storylines with Cory and Trevor bring about the best Trailer Park Boys Ricky quotes as Ricky has not problem letting these hangers-on take the fall for their schemes. When the two brainless followers go missing, Ricky is neither concerned nor sympathetic, suggesting it is “survival of the fitness” which at least accidentally a little closer to the actual saying than most Rickyisms.

10 “Dressed All Over.”

Season 5, Episode 8, “Dressed All Over & Zesty Mordant”

Ricky facing his hands at the camera in Trailer Park Boys

Some of the best Ricky Trailer Park Boys quotes come from misunderstandings over French and English labels, which is a common issue in Canada. Certain popular products are known by their French nicknames, like a popular beverage commonly nicknamed “Pamplemousse,” which is simply grapefruit-flavored soda. Similar phrases like “zesty mordant” also appear in the Canadian lexicon and many Rickyisms. In this case, Ricky refers to “All Dressed” chips in an uncommon way. The title of the great Trailer Park Boys episode, “Dressed all Over and Zesty Mordant” is inspired by Rickyisms.

9 “Supply And Command.”

Season 3, Episode 6, “Where In The F*ck Is Randy’s Barbecue?”

Bubbles standing behind Ricky in Trailer Park Boys

Early on in the series, Ricky and Julian work out that they can grow marijuana and sell it in the local jail where they can charge much more for it in one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes. Julian is worried about the repercussions, but Ricky sees no downsides, going so far as to rope Mr. Lahey’s daughter, Treena, into the operation.

Ricky sees himself as a role model to Treena and drops this entry to the Trailer Park Boys Ricky quotes list that he wishes someone would’ve taught him how to grow dope at a young age. He also asserts that their product will go for more in prison because of “supply and command.”

8 “And Why Do You Look Like Indianapolis Jones?”

Season 3, Episode 6, “Where In The F*ck Is Randy’s Barbecue?”

Jim Lahey reading in car in Trailer Park Boys The Movie

In Season 3, Cory and Trevor crash Ricky’s car into Mr. Lahey’s trailer and cause some serious damage. Randy and Lahey sheepishly emerge from the dwelling, the former dressed as a bee, and the latter dressed as Indiana Jones, bringing forth one of the iconic Ricky Trailer Park Boys quotes. To most, it’s obvious that the two had been engaged in some kind of role play, but Ricky isn’t quick enough to catch on.

Shocked, he shouts out “what in the f*** are you dressed like a bumblebee for, and why do you look like Indianapolis Jones?” In fairness, Indiana Jones and Indianapolis Jones do sound similar, but this blunder made an already awkward situation even stranger.

7 “Does A Bear S*** On The Pope?”

Season 10, Episode 4, “Sh*t Covered Cave Teeth.”

Ricky in a hula hoop from Trailer Park Boys

There are already a few variations on this colorful way to agree to something, but this Rickyism from the episode “Sh*t-Covered Cave Teeth” is one of the best. It’s from one of the more recent episodes where Ricky has tried to swear off crime, but the highly quotable Julian talks him into helping with one last job, at a dental office.

Ricky’s blunder in this case comes from mixing up two different sayings that both are used to emphasis an obvious “yes” to a question. The responses are usually “Does the Pope wear a funny hat?” or “Does the bear poop in the woods?” and there have been several shows and movies that have had fun playing on these phrases. But Ricky’s mix up is such an unexpected and hilarious one.

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