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Assume that Galilea Montijo is the future of Arturo Beltrán Leyva and receives every monthly payment

The number of Galileo Montijo has been converted from new to the subject of a controversy, launched by the new book of the periodist Anabel Hernández, and has signaled the conductor of the existence of a true wine with the Mexican drug trade.

Previously, Galileo had been mentioned in the book Emma y las señoras del narco, and she had a short story about her romance with Arturo Beltrán Leyva.

Sin embargo, en el nuevo tomo Las señoras del narco, amar el infierno, Galilea vuelve estar en ojo del huracán. These declarations detail the exact relationship of the conductor of La Casa de los Famosos México with the capo.

Ahora, es Celeste, who is the mother of a daughter of Beltrán Leyva, who declared as testigo by Anabel, and signaled that Galilea coincided with the trafficker in 2004.

Según returns E! News, Celeste declared in the text: “Galilea was all the type of Arturo, no era el top, but it was his type. Le gustaban muy morenas de piel, así muy mexicanos, rasgos muy mexicanos y Galilea tiene ese type. Yo la vi con Arturo”aseguró.

Aggregate that: “I take a plate with Arturo and say to me: No, there is the tengo of the plant, I return it to Montijo. I say that I have to pay for it at the request. I met it all in all of my life, I had to leave it on the table ( …) Entrà la recámara y ahí estaban las cosas de ella”.

Señala that Leyva confirmed that there was novios.

Furthermore, Galilea received a good number of cants from the capo.

“‘Ya hasta le tengo su sueldo'”, Quote Celeste in her statement.

“Empezó dándole 200 mil dólares en nomina. En nomina signifies que se los daba monthlymente, como a supososa, aunque a la ella le daba mucho más (…) pero a lo que me fiero es que le daba dinero para sus gastos como si fuera su esposa”.

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