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Escultura ‘La Flor del Desierto’ will continue in the Compresora Sports Unit

These are the states, state and municipal authorities, as well as representatives of the private initiative, inaugurating the 4-way road system, which will provide better vehicular traffic to streets such as the Independence building, the Diagonal Reforma building, the Manuel Ávila Camacho shoe and the shoe Cuauhtémoc, among other places.

To initiate the awards, in May 2022, the remoción of the monumental sculpture La Flor del Desierto was determined, which was authorized by the disappearance of Mexican plastic artist Gilberto Aceves Navarro (Ciudad de México, 1931 – 2019), winner of the National Prize of Artes y Ciencias 2003 and la Medalla Bellas Artes del INBA 2012. Segun the catalog of the author, the piece was published in the year 2003.

The structure was removed from its original location, placed in the independent building and transferred to one of the patios of the Unidad Deportiva Compresora, in the center of the city. At this time, Juan Adolfo von Bertrab, director of Obras Públicas del Municipio de Torreón, Compartió at this editor’s house that the structure will be reinstated to finish the parts of the SV4C in a plastic that will be built in the place. Without embargo, until this edition has been published, La Flor del Desierto continues to be stored in the publisher.

Discussed on this topic during the inauguration of the SV4C, Juan Adolfo von Bertrab responded that the structure continued to be protected, and that it was not possible to locate it in the surroundings of the vial system.


“We take the best place to stay, together with the Gobierno del Estado, to determine where we are going to go. The tenemos guarded, as of the first day, in the Company”.

When consulting when it takes longer to resubmit, the holder of Public Offices of Torreón indicates that this will be the result of the Gobierno del Estado de Coahuila, which request the municipality for retirement and protection.

“In the first instance, it was necessary to have a plazoleta pasando rumbo a Diagonal Reforma, but the plazoleta was not realized by these viales, and we came to know it within the independence of the city”.

However, despite the fact that, according to the municipality, it is the state government that will determine the future of architecture, Miguel Ángel Algara, holder of the Secretaría de Infrastructura, Desarrollo Urbano y Movilidad del Gobierno de Coahuila, Whoever was approached at the inauguration of the SV4C with the same concern, no information with respect and limited to responding: “Bicycle with the municipality”.

Before the situation, El Siglo de Torreón has made a recommendation by the Sports Association, with the three pieces that conform to La Flor del Desierto being received, one of several other, from a softball field, without protection (the other designed to be exposed to inclement weather), on a tiered ground with some crecida grass. Please note that all of these pieces are included in their entirety, even if there are traces of oxidation on them and the piece located on the lower part has come into contact with it.

Según information provided by the holder of Public Affairs in May of 2022, La Flor del Desierto is a steel structure of 1/8, Conformed by three pieces, the pieces are assembled on their upper part to form a monolith, anchored with killcas on their base. The function indicates that, in its translation to the Sports Association, it is based on the orientation of the sculpture and it is classified as one of its pieces by number, so that in its reinstalación it can respect the artistic props of the author.

Gilberto Aceves Navarro also held in Torreón the monumental sculpture Trabajo, Cultura, Desierto (2002), better known as La Triada and located in the intersection of road Raúl López Sánchez and the rise of Independence. In the ambito pictórico, a mural lived in one of the cafeterias of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) Campus Laguna, minetas other more than found in a room of the Teatro Isauro Martínez (TIM).

The retirement of artistic pieces due to the construction of long roads or infrastructure in Torreón has its antecedents: in 2003, the sculpture of the Hundred Years of Desert, of the lagoon Xavier Meléndez, which was encountered in the building of Revolución and periférico Raúl López Sánchez, fRemoval before the construction of the damaged Distribuidor Vial Revolución (replaced later by the current Sistema Vial Revolución). It is also the building of the Monumental Tower, which was built after the demise of the Plaza de la Constitución, retired in 2017 and transferred to the Torreón Sports Unit to pass by the construction of the Estación Nazas del entonces llamado Metrobús Laguna. None of the backs flew to its original site or was returned to another point in the city.

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