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‘No tenemos palabras’, laguneros de Vilax celebrates its second nomination for the Latin Grammy

This girl was disappointed with a big notice that they were celebrating in the bedroom of each of them.

At this time, the members of Vilax are due to be nominated for new Grammy Latino nominations for their material, Ganas, at the end of Best tejan album; Please note that the Academia Latina will confirm its list of applicants for this year 2023.

Alhe Romo, vocalist of the Vilax group, dressed exclusively with the Siglo de Torreón under his name, although they are also emocionados and others, are a logo more for the lagoon industry.

“We are happy. Ganas, es un increíble disco que tiene arreglos padrísimos. Our news has already been published, we have despiertos desde muy temprano. We don’t know how to explain the emotion we feel. We hope we go to the party, we hope we go to Sevilla (Donde ahora será la ceremony).

“This is our first album with Fonovisa Records, and also because of its motivation for celebration, it could be the first album with the apoyo of them, from igual manera. No tenemos palabras, estamos bien contentos”.

It’s about Ganas, including previously unpublished themes, some of the same lagoons Bruno Danzza and Miguel Luna, who recently presented themselves at the Isauro Martínez Theater.

“Confiaron en el proyecto, Nos dieron canciones padrísimas. Is a job that carries bloody lagunera. Joining the lagoon vibration and salió is its recognition. We swear that we cannot create what is happening”listen to the singer.

Alhe Romo revealed during the charla a quiénes dedicated to this second nomination for the Latino Grammy. The first one will be in 2021, for the production, A need is sufficient, and it will also be the end of the best album of yours.

“Dedicated it to my family who always loved us, to my father who was in the sky and to all the lagoons who always loved us and to all the followers who were named by ‘team Vilax’”.

Following the promotion of Ganas, Romo mentioned that he received another opportunity to form part of a larger project.

“Se trata de Dime fri, no está dentro del EP, Ganas, pero si sírá en el disco completo que estamos haciendo y el el 22 de septiembre sale otra song que es Desconocidos; is a cover by Mau, Ricky and Manuel Turizo; le pusimos el toque tejano”.

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