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¿Qué elements llevaron à la detención de Allan, presunto feminicida de Ana María?

Ana María, aged 18, was arrested in her house on September 12 by her new friend Allan “N”, who was detained by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico, confirming the official charges of the institution.

A decision was made to imponer the preventive prison of Allan, of 18 years, by the woman of his experience Ana María, student of Medicina, who found death in her house in Condado de Sayavedra

The medical report determined that Ana Maria had made a mistake on the 4th of September 12th.

What happened to Allan’s detention?

Hay videos and tests that live and interact with the experience of Ana Maria in the house of the victim, so many times before the death of the young, in which Allan ingested the part of Condado de Sayavedra on three occasions

The start time was 3:55 am on September 12, when it was captured on board a Kia vehicle, Forte model, gray color, without traffic plates, the situation was recorded by private safety elements of the vehicle belonging to Sayavedra, which was closed. monitor the vehicle using vehicle monitoring cameras, informing tax authorities. At this moment, the owner used a black hood and a blue gorra, with the aim of concealing his identity.

The next day, at 1:00 p.m., the video surveillance system recorded a second visit to the home of the Serrano Céspedes family, aboard the same vehicle, with the traffic plazas. When you interact with the home assistant.

You will be notified in advance at 6:00 p.m. on the day of your loved ones, when the victim met only in your home, at the moment when Allan suddenly entered the house where the house was fixed until it caused death, according to the authorities of the FGJEM. Finally, he retired to the board of the mismo vehicle, which was recorded on security cameras, and was observed with the rear eye by a mask, indicating official sources of the Mexican Tax Office.

In Ana Maria’s home she encountered the black leatherette and the gorra that Allan apparently used when it was in Condado de Sayavedra.

El Ministerio Público reported that I will send you quotes for Allan to appear before the Tax Court on September 13 and 14without embargo, we do not present ourselves to declare, so that we request a request to issue an order of apprehension.

Andrés García, abogado defensor de Allan, in the initial hearing affirmed that we did not have enough evidence to listen to his client during the day and the day when he witnessed the death of Ana Maria, and also indicated that there was a third citation for him to declare The test date is September 19, so we request that the child will be free.

Petition that it was rechazada by the game, whoever decided that Allan should remain in the Barrientos criminal court for the duration of this trial Before the eventuality comes to the victim’s family and the testimonies that he lives in Ana María’s house.

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