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AMLO, held by the Secret Service in United States; pide exculpas a migrants

AMLO explained that when it comes to extraneous events, your security situation is different depending on the imposed restrictions.

During his estancia in United States, from this youth, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador was under the care of the Secret Service, because he was responsible for exonerating the migrant residents in San Francisco, California, because he could not reunite with them.

AMLO, who participated in The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC)argued that the Secret Service does not allow people to attack the presidents.

In a business conference, President López Obrador mentioned that this medication is due to safety concerns. So, I sent a greeting to the migrants and explained to them that they were going to San Francisco, It is the Secret Service of United States which is responsible for its agenda and securityso that there is no way to bring health to people.

AMLO recorded a previous experience in which you want to undergo a stopover to save migrants who are traveling during a visit to the UNin New York, in November of 2021. The elements of the Secret Service are molestos by this.

We also mentioned Joe Biden’s visit to Mexico in the past, when the elements of the Secret Service were protected by security measures in the National Palace. Durante esa visited, President López Obrador invited President Biden to see the Zócalo from a window, to weigh the concerns of the Secret Service.

AMLO explained that when it comes to these extraneous events, the situation is different depending on the imposed restrictions.

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