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Ceasefire in the Middle East: No good options

Israel is in a crushing dilemma. A ceasefire could provide Hamas with an important advantage. Continuing to fight endangers the hostages.

An injured woman is talking on the phone and keeping her eyes closed

Injured woman in a hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza, November 3, 2023 Photo: Fatima Shbair/ap

Anyone who sees the images that reach us from the Gaza Strip, anyone who hears how there is a lack of anesthesia for operations, how children cry from hunger at night, how entire families are buried under rubble, basically can’t help but call for a ceasefire immediately demand. The war leaves the after horrific terrorist attack The question that has been asked so often by Hamas in Israel is how coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians will still be possible.

The bloody battles not only lead to a humanitarian catastrophe for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but they also pose a risk for Israel to hit those abducted. The international mood, which initially stood in solidarity with Israel and Israel’s right to self-defense, especially in view of the brutal terror that was unprecedented in the region, is rapidly changing. Accusations of genocide are being raised more and more often at demonstrations and on social media.

Right-wing extremist fanatics, who also sit in the government, fuel this mood even more when, as happened, there is even talk of a nuclear bomb that would be used to wipe out Gaza once and for all. But thousands of civilians are also dying because Hamas Civilian population as a protective shield abused and set up their quarters next to kindergartens and under hospitals. And the Islamists don’t hold back with threats either.

A few days ago, one of the heads of Hamas vowed that it would repeat attacks like the one on October 7 until Israel disappeared from the map. The Israeli government is faced with an overwhelming dilemma: if it accepts calls for a ceasefire, it accepts that Hamas continues to control the Gaza Strip and threaten Israel from there. If it continues the bombing, despite all the right to self-defense, it will be guilty of further war crimes and isolate itself internationally.

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