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Deion Sanders Rips Rivals For Lying About Him During Recruiting

Deion Sanders Texas A&M Negative Recruiting
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Deion Sanders does not appreciate the way in which other college football programs and coaches are talking about him and the Colorado Buffaloes. He does not believe in negative recruiting!

Texas A&M fired Jimbo Fisher earlier this week. It has created the dumbest rumor mill in recent history.

Among the many coaches named by Aggies fans in the search is Coach Prime. There is a small faction of folks in College Station who truly believe that he would leave Boulder after one year to take a job with significant booster influence and unreasonable expectations. Maybe they are right, because the price of oil is up and money talks.

However, Sanders was quick to shut down the rumors. He gave an incredibly funny statement about how he pays taxes and gets his mail in Colorado. He also referenced his family. Shedeur and Shilo Sanders are unable to transfer again without penalty. The same with Travis Hunter Jr.

Although Coach Prime is (probably) not going to be the next head coach at Texas A&M University, his potential future job opportunities are having an impact on his ability to recruit. Five-star 2025 prospect Winston Watkins recently decommitted from the Buffaloes and pointed to the head coach.

I don’t know if Prime will still be there when I get there.

— Winston Watkins

Other schools may be behind his concerns. Sanders said that rival staffs are creating a false narrative of uncertainty surrounding his future at Colorado and length of his tenure.

All these other schools are telling these young men and their families I am not going to be here.

They think that we’re going to be so successful that I am going to leave. So they understand what we possess and the potential we possess. But that’s not true.

—Deion Sanders

And then he doubled down on his statement of assurance.

I think my whole family has an anchor here right now. My momma, the dog, my daughter, everyone, and we absolutely love being here. We actually love it, 100 percent. So I have to address all these type of issues. That’s the number one thing with recruits and their families. They are being told this by other schools.

— Deion Sanders

Negative recruiting is something that occurs in every conference across the entire country. It has been around forever and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s part of the whole ordeal.

Coach Prime doesn’t care. He claims that negative recruiting is not part of his process.

I don’t talk about any other coaches or teams or staffs. I don’t believe in that. I am not going to put you down so I can stand up. I’ve never been that type of player or person in my life.

— Deion Sanders

However, other programs are not approaching their recruitment strategy in the same way. They’re coming for Colorado and Deion Sanders!

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