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Florida Man Claims He Has Captured ‘Real’ Footage Of Bigfoot

bigfoot image in the forest


Stacy Brown Jr. from Florida claims he has been hunting Bigfoot for over 10 years and now he says he has footage of the creature which he claims is “real.”

Brown also believes his “flawless” Bigfoot video is proof that the elusive cryptid actually exists.

This Bigfoot encounter occurred while he was camping with his father in the Torreya State Park in Bristol, Florida, in May of 2012.

“I had some White Zombie playing, some metal music and we’re cooking some ribs, I believe, and we heard a knock and I told my dad ‘Hey that sounds like them, they’re probably in the area,’” Brown recalled to the Daily Star.

At first, his dad chalked the sounds up to just the wind, but then, “another knock happened and another knock,” said Brown.

“My dad goes ‘Alright hey, if another one happens, we’ll go out of here and look for them’ and as soon as he says that, there was like a grunt before the knock,” he continued.

Soon they spotted what they believe was the Bigfoot.

“We cranked the music up on the radio, headed out and as we approached it, we heard something run down this ridge. So we stopped and my dad initially thought it was a raccoon on the side of a tree that he was looking at. Then he thought it was two raccoons because it was sticking out of both sides of the tree,” Brown explained.

When they trained their thermal camera on the creature it took off.

“Get your gun, get your gun!” Brown recalled his dad yelling at him.

“He’s a retired army ranger and I ain’t seen my dad shook like that.”

He and his dad’s Bigfoot encounter and the accompanying footage was featured on the History Channel.

“Most of the videos are a hoax, I believe the Patterson-Gimlin film is a hoax and that’s the most famous Bigfoot video there is, I 110% believe that’s fake,” said Brown.

However, after his film was analyzed and investigated by Cliff Barackman of the Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot, Brown concluded, “When you look at the video and then his investigation, when you look at the two together, there’s no flaws on this.”

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