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Know the new rates for drivers in the region

Accordingly, the tariff level corresponds to 3% average. (JOSÉ DÍAZ / EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN)

Federal Highways and Bridges (Capufe) informs that the National Infrastructure Fund (Fonadin) will operate instructions so that from 00:00:01 on this day, November 15, 2023, an update of fares for highways and highways will apply. granted to this trust, including those of Coahuila and Durango, such as the Durango-Mazatlán supercarretera.

Accordingly, the tariff level corresponds to 3% average.

Este ajuste permite que los recursos recaudados por peaje se empleen para cubrir los gastos associados a la operación y conservación de los tramos operados en beneficio de la población”, dijo Capufe.

Please note that the price adjustments for each vehicle range may vary depending on the redundancy effects for each type of vehicle, as well as respecting the average increment. The final adjustment made this year applies from March 1.

From SigloDATA, the prices listed below will be:

The total cost of transiting the Gómez Palacio-Corralitos-Autopista Union highway is 312 pesos, where the Bermejillo crate has a cost of $145 and the Ceballos crate costs $166.

Respecting the Carretera Torreón-Saltillo, the use of the highway will cost you 250 pesos, although in the case of La Cuchilla it costs $90, while in the case of Plan de Ayala it costs $159.

The paso for the ‘super’ has a total cost of 743 pesos, where the pago for the case is broken down as follows: Durango case $76: Llano Grande case $114; caseta Coscomate $361; caseta Mesillas Santa Lucía-Villa Unión $190; Mesillas Santa Lucía-La Concordia case $142 and the Mesillas La Concordia-Villa Unión case costs 47 pesos.


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