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Mali calls to celebrate Kidal’s military victory during the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

The Malian authorities intend to take advantage of two qualifying matches of the national football team for the 2026 World Cup to celebrate the recent military victory of the army in Kidal (north), they indicated on social networks. The Ministry of Sports indicates on its Facebook page that the price of first-price tickets will be halved for the matches scheduled for Friday, November 17 in Bamako against Chad, and Monday, November 20 against the Central African Republic. The ticket for the “general public chair” will be sold for 1,000 CFA francs (1.5 EUR) instead of 2,000. It is “ allow the Malian sports public to celebrate the heroic victory of the FAMa (Malian Armed Forces) in communion with the Eagles », the nickname of the players of the selection, says the ministry. The Malian army took Tuesday, November 14 from the Tuareg rebels the town of Kidal, center of the independence demand, from where the central state and the army had been driven out in 2014. This military success, the most indisputable won by the colonels at the head since 2020 of this country plunged into a serious security and multidimensional crisis, was widely praised and gave rise to demonstrations of joy with patriotic accents. The Malian football federation, in a press release, simply announced the drop in prices for “ allow the Eagles to make a good entry into the running » in the qualifiers, without reference to Kidal.

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