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Student movements of the Facsa de UJED denuncia amenazas por ‘groups of shock’

This youth has been accumulating four days of protest at the Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud (Facsa) of the Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango (UJED) campus Gómez Palacio. Permanent precautionary measures for the main accesses as well as signs and warnings that indicate cases of sexual abuse and hostility, schooling, entrapment and abuse of power.

The Facsa en Movimiento (AFEM) student movement (AFEM), informed that you have received invitations from UJED personnel. “Amenazas hechas directly to the father of one of the victims, al igual hechas to a young student of the plantel, that ha brindado ayuda y apoyo en la toma de la escuela.

At the same time, we had to saber that a ‘shock group’ was ordered to vandalize the student plant and to violently arrest and repress the alumni”, they will report in the middle of a communication. The young people are responsible for the authorities of the Facsa, located within the limits of the city of Lerdo in the municipality of Gómez Palacio. “Especulamos que estas amenazas pueden ser rategias de intimidación comentes de directivos de dicho plantel, así como de amigos, familiares y/o personas involucradas en los hechos que hoy se denuncian, esto con el fin de planarnos miedo y buscar nuestro desistimiento a la lucha . Amenazas que causan alerta nuestros familiares, a conocidos y que causan una afectación directa a la paz y salud mental de nuestros compañeros.

De igual forma, we do not descartamos that this is lawful, and that our is haciendo a saber (sic) that you have the intention of seeking harm and perjudicarnos”.

AFEM is satisfied with the fact that its movement is peaceful because it does not accept invitations to violence or receive threats of intimidation. “No pressure”. Recall that we are responsible for the damages caused to the installations of the faculty all the same as the student committee, we will decide not to use this protest policy “and that by all means, we are responsible for groups of shock supposedly that come from UJED Durango to intimidate ”.

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