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AHMSA may enter into operation in 2024

A project carried out based on the legal requirements of the judicial process of the AHMSA commercial competition, indicates that the Monclovense side industry will be able to resume its production process until mid 2024.

The decision was made to recognize over 40,000 pesos and the Ley de Concursos Mercantiles marca tiempos fatales, y acreedores y industria deben llegar acuerdo entro de los plazos marcados para avitar una sentencia de solucion de la empresa y su venta en parts .

Currently the judgment is in a conciliatory process, which is fatal. Existen dos plazos más que deben ser solicitados bajo ciertos requisitosand concludes all, the judicial process will continue.

The conciliation lasted 140 days, extendable to periods of up to 90 days for each one, to negotiate the AHMSA deal with our partners, explained by Héctor Manuel Garza Martínez, representative of a group of applicants.

The professional of the derecho explained that the sentence of recognition of two of 40 thousand pesos, the issue of the Juzgado Segundo de Distrito de concursos mercantiles el 15 de noviembre y entered into force el 16.

The entry of new inversionistas, which comes into the fund opens a profitable inversion that will increase its value by the commercial accounts of the Trade of Mexico, Estados Unidos y Canadá (T-MEC), will be a decisive factor in whether there is contact with the treesand the sale of plazos marked by the Juzgado Segundo Segundo establecidos por la Ley Concursos Mercantiles, AHMSA estará produciendo acero entre Junio ​​y Julio de 2024 si no hay changes en la proyección del proceso, dejo el jurisconsulto.

The dictamen of the federal court recognized that the largest integrated steel industry in Latin America ranged from 40 thousand pesos to more than 600 local, national and international acres.

Federal, state and municipal taxes at the SAT at the Administration Fiscal General del Estado, at the Municipalities of Monclova, Frontera and other businesses and businesses, derechos and disasters, offices at IMSS, at Infonavit, and suministros and services at CFE y Pemex, salaries and services to direct workers, providers, services, civil and maintenance workers in administrative and industrial areas are among the AHMSA employees.

Garza Martínez considered that the recognition of the girl was always positive “because of the light. Because of a legal certification a privileged person is granted, with guaranteed warranty, with guaranteed creditworthiness and all labor credits. Agregó que los acreedores “comunes”, que son cerca de mil 600.

Declared that the current conciliation process is valid and is the first sentence, which lasts for 180 days from each date you have passed 148 or 149 days and remained at least 30then “Have more periods, there are one of 90 days that the conciliator has to wait and 50 of the parents have been waiting for and that there have been more than 90 days, but the conciliator has to wait and 65 of the three of them to have been” clarified by the lawyer.

Considering that the process is currently going well, and with the probability of visiting new inversionists “they light at the end of the tunnel”, AHMSA is a profitable company, but also because it is the owner of the companies that come from its main sources: carbon steel. y fierro mineral.

Y el T-MEC es un factor más, Manufacturers that require steel and export to the United States or Canada tend to use nationally produced metal to sell to commercial companies in Mexico, expuso.

Without the embargo declared that the project of AHMSA in operation extends practically until it concludes the first half of 2024, it is to the understanding that there are no changes in the negotiations and in the transactions and contracts awarded by the federal court.

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