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Below Deck Med’s Luka Brunton Blindsided After Max Salvador Drops Shocking Announcement


  • A sneak peek of an upcoming episode of Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 reveals that deckhand Max plans to leave the charter before the season ends.
  • Max shares his decision with deck team manager Luka, comparing yachting to a casino and stating that he wants to “cash out” before it’s too late.
  • Max’s decision to leave may be influenced by his past experiences of being fired from jobs, and he sees leaving as a way to maintain control over his departure. Luka disagrees with Max’s decision, creating uncertainty about the outcome.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 has released a sneak peek for an upcoming episode, and one of the yachties has some surprising news for Bosun Luka Brunton. While Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 has already been privy to one early yachtie exit, a second isn’t unheard of in the franchise. For many Below Deck viewers, it’s surprising if all the original crew members make it through the entire season. Still, seeing one of the crew members exit on their terms is always surprising, even if some have already seen it coming. Luka was shocked by the news, to the point that he believed his crewmate was joking at first.

In an upcoming episode of Below Deck Med shared by E! News, new Deckhand Max Salvador shared that he plans to leave the charter before the season’s end. Luka, the deck team manager, was chatting with Max as they cleaned the exterior when he shared, “I always say yachting is like a casino…You come inside, you make money, you make money, you make money.”

Max continued his metaphor, explaining that at a casino, You need to know to go out, to make the cash out, you know? Before it’s too late and you lose everything.” Realizing Luka was confused, Max continued, “And now I just want to cash out…I don’t think I’m gonna finish the season with you guys.” Despite Luka’s attempts to keep Max around, the Deckhand seemed settled on his decision.

Max Salvador’s Below Deck Med Storyline Explained

Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 deckhand Max Salvador

While Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 hasn’t been heavy on drama, the majority of the issues of the season have surrounded Natalya Scudder. Max, a new Deckhand to the Mustique, has been having difficulty adjusting throughout the season, even being criticized for his so-called “lazy” behavior. While Max has been a hard worker, he’s had trouble adjusting when it comes to the ins and outs of working on such a large vessel. While Max has been doing his best on the Mustique and has enough experience to be successful on the yacht, he has a background of being unsuccessful in jobs.

After being fired from every job he’s had since 18, Max knows that years in the yachting industry may not be enough to keep him successful aboard the Mustique. Though Max has been working hard aboard the superyacht, his decision to leave could be, in his mind, an alternative to being fired from the crew. Though it wasn’t clear if Max was genuinely in jeopardy of being fired, choosing for himself at least gives him the power to avoid saying he was let go in the future. With Luka seeming to disagree with Max’s decision, it’s unclear how it will pan out.

Below Deck Mediterranean has always been a somewhat different series in the Below Deck franchise; each show carries some similarities in terms of the crew members. While it hasn’t been revealed if Max will actually be leaving the Mustique, his determination about his decision makes it clear that he’d rather bow out than be fired like some other Below Deck cast members of the past. With Luka potentially against the idea of Max leaving, seeing what happens in the upcoming episode of Below Deck Mediterranean will be interesting.

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