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Brian Kelly’s Daughter Reveals Legacy She Plans To Leave Behind

Brian Kelly Daughter Grace
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Grace Kelly is more than just Brian Kelly’s daughter. She is pursuing a Master’s degree at LSU after graduating from Notre Dame. She is working as graduate assistant with the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine and often works closely with Mike the Tiger.

Beyond all of that, Grace Kelly is just a normal student with friends and a life. It just so happens that her father is one of the most famous coaches in college football.

Brian Kelly’s daughter and Grace Kelly are one in the same, but unrelated.

Those are two different, individual things. There is a lot of challenge that comes with such an intrinsic tie between daughter and father and Grace works very hard to separate her own identity from that of her dad.

While speaking about a variety of different topics with Abby Alonzo of Valley Vision, the 23-year-old was asked about the legacy she hopes to leave behind. Grace took a moment to think about her response such a deep question before answering in two parts.

First and foremost, she wants her legacy to be her own.

That I earned everything I achieved, is what I will say.

— Grace Kelly

As for what that might look like, Grace laughs at the dichotomy to her relationship with her dad. Although she wants to be her own person, he has instilled a lot of wisdom upon her.

Something that my dad coaches is grit. Determination.

Some of his philosophies, those are translated at home! Those go to me.

I am grateful for that, because it has built my work ethic to what it is today. I’m someone who enjoys working.

I love challenging myself. I love being put into new projects saying “hey, figure it out!” I’ll do it.

– Grace Kelly

God willing, there is still a lot of life for Grace left to live. Her legacy, she hopes, will stem from some of those values that Brian Kelly brings to his team and back to his family while also having fun.

My goal is, truly, to be the best at what I’m doing in whatever capacity that might be. Also being true to myself.

Because, none of us are perfect. We’re all figuring it out day by day. Do it while you enjoy it. Do it and enjoy it at the same time.

— Grace Kelly

If Grace can excel in her personal and professional life, while staying true to who she is and enjoying the process along the way, her legacy will follow. Brian Kelly’s legacy will largely tie back to wins and losses.

For his daughter, it is more about impact. Grace hopes to leave an impact on the people and places she meets and visits along the way.

You can watch the full interview here:

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