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Crime thriller All Souls unveils trailer, poster and images

Lionsgate has released a poster and trailer for All Souls, the upcoming crime thriller from director Emmanuelle Pickett which follows a young woman pressured by the police to go on a dangerous undercover operation to infiltrate a local drug cartel; take a look here…

A young confidential informant is sent on a dangerous undercover operation. It’s a no-holds-barred look at the vulnerable foot soldiers of the War on Drugs and the young criminals who are pressured to work for the police.

The film stars Mikey Madison, Gerald Gillum, Samuel Roukin, Mia Love Disnard, and Zach Villa.

All Souls (2023) Official Trailer - Mikey Madison, Gerald Gillum, Samuel Roukin

All Souls arrives in select cinemas and on digital platforms on December 8th.

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