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FIA casts Carlos Sainz after an accident with an alcantarilla in Las Vegas

The malady continued to reach Ferrari. Yes, following the suspension of the free practice of the Gran Premio de Las Vegas, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) decided to sanction the Spanish pilot, Carlos Sainz.

¿The reason? The change that takes place in the battery, the engine and the chassis of your car.

We mention that, during free practice, Sainz’s Ferrari was hit by a tire that was on the Las Vegas circuit, causing severe damage to the car. Is the repair required more parts than the FIA ​​permits? the cost of the piloto diez puestos para la carrera del domingo.


When the FIA ​​recognized that the accident was a “very unusual external situation”, it decided to sanction Carlos Sainz in all manners.

“The Sports Regulation of Formula 1 obliges all officials to apply the regulation as it is written. Consequently, the mandatory sanction specified in article 28.3 of the norm must be applied”, the Federación said.


Furthermore, the FIA ​​completely confirmed the possibility of a waiver, causing the molestation of the Ferrari team and especially, of Carlos Sainz.

“The situation with the alcantarilla and the sanction of our neighbors are not acceptable, we do not agree with them on the road”, wrote Sainz in addition to social laws.

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