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First win against Mazatlán and another thought in America: Duván Vergara

A few thousand minutes in the 2023 Aperture will shine on Duván Vergara in the cancha. The Colombian, you have the continuity that the buscaba has of various lesiones meses atrás, because when in Play In, it will be worth your talent, to classify the Warriors in the league.

“The team is very motivated by this opportunity that we come and have the chance to join the 8 and fight the league” said the South American player in the Territorio Santos Modelo (TSM), already in the clear, who hopes for the day of the party Before the Cañoneros del Mazatlán FC, to be able to play, you have to start to lose your life or die.


In the encounter before the communication media, indicated that it is inevitable to learn about the injury you are experiencing “lost a lot of time, in Monterrey I spent 10 to 15 minutes, but it was a good opportunity, the idea was to play, the numbers in cancha caught me, alone hay from 4 to 5 players who were in all the parties and he had one of them ellos, from Querétaro judged the first party, era el miedo de la afición que de pronto fuera a estar lesionado, pero no es así, llevo algo así como 3 asistencias, pero soy más de hacer goles”.

Its continuity must also be the same as the company that maintains in Santos Laguna “Tenemos the best judge of the torneo that is Juan (Brunetta), the goleador that is Harold (Preciado) and the constancy of Emerson (Rodríguez) that it is not easy to do so, but it is still there”. In the specific case of them that you play with the specified bands “Of course we do not collaborate with you and assist you, but we are also performing other functions, supporting the sidelines and many contents with this, at the moment when they pass by (Brunetta and Preciado) and as they are flying, as they are with the atrás, our here you are satisfied”.

Y de su nivel apuntó “Falta, la verdad que si, he tenido molestias físicas pero es normal, he estado en allos los partidos y me he mantenido, el Profe está contento conmigo, el torneo no ha terminado, esperemos sumar en asistencias y goles, pero lo lo importa es as the team advances, when it was played by the title, it has already come to pass.

“Cambió a poco (system) was different when I hit the shelves, I surprised the format, but it’s a difficult part, we have to go step by step, part of it, like what we did during all the time.”

Mazatlan “Partido muy duro, nous ganó en casa, primero debemos presar en ellos y ganarles, para que luego venga otro partido, ganarlo para poder Thought en America, obviamente es el objectivo, estar entre los ocho mejores y así, pelear con el equipo que toque el titulo, porqué hay con qué”.



We have no favorites in the Play-In at Mazatlán FC, because we predict a very successful party, but we must define it as our favorite, in the Corona and with the following albiverdes.

“They (Cañoneros) have an excellent team, we have good things like ours too, we hope that they are a lindo party, but that we have many people and at home, we all know that they are here” dijo.

Accept that in the event that the Ecuadorian Félix Torres and the Peruvian midshipman Pedro Aquino, we cannot leave the conditions for the shock before the losses, subject to official compromises with our countries, having the human material available to replace them.

“Se sabe que son dos important players para el equipo, están disfrutando de su llamado a la selección, están haciendo las cosas bien, por algo están allá, pero los necesitamos, son los jugadores que hicieron los goles en el ultimo partido” indicated.

Vergara revealed that Santos Laguna with all his name and his life, he could fight with any team of the country “In the event that we do not have children, we have excellent players who can suplir them, so our preparations to do so”.

Even in the cafeteria, he was inspired by the idea of ​​the game of Pablo Repetto’s strategy, and he appeared later in the encounters, but without llegar he consolidated himself as the technical team and the players he pretended to do. “El Profe siempre ha tenido nuestro respaldo, hemos ido al lado que él pide, lo que quiere, el equipo ha tenido altos y bajos, por partido nos ha costado, expulsiones y errores de nosotros, pero la idea está clear, es un excellent técnico que nos da confianza ados, está vaendo reflejado, ya que se inicia unicia un process, el equipo viene de menos a más, estamos para pelearle à cualquier equipo”.

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