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‘How Is This Pass Interference?’ Fans Rip Refs Over Terrible Call In Ravens-Bengals Game


NFL refs are once again getting crushed over another blown call that may have changed the outcome of a game.

On Thursday night, the Bengals took on the Ravens in what many anticipated to be a tight game.

Unfortunately, the refs found themselves at the center of controversy over a terrible pass interference call.

Before halftime, Bengals cornerback DJ Turner was called for pass interference on Zay Flowers despite not appearing to make contact on an underthrown pass by Lamar Jackson.

“I don’t see anything, I don’t know how you call that’ a shocked Kirk Herbstreit commented.

Here’s another look at the play.

The Ravens were able to capitalize on the good field position thanks to the penalty and were able to score a few plays later to take a 21-10 lead before halftime.

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