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in Pretoria, the opposition continues its discussions on the idea of ​​a joint candidacy

Since the start of the week, representatives of candidates Martin Fayulu, Moise Katumbi, Matata Ponyo, Denis Mukwege and Delly Sesanga have met in Pretoria, South Africa, for talks to explore the possibility of a single candidacy. Negotiations, led by the NGO In Transformation Initiative (ITI), are expected to end this Thursday, according to delegates. In addition to evaluating the final phase of the electoral process, the delegates of these candidates are responsible for reaching a common political line. However, the discussions were not without tensions.

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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

Among the objectives identified, it was first of all to clarify the sincerity of each party, the faith in common action and to manage internal tensions between candidates. On this issue, progress has been minimal until Thursday.

For example, some delegates demanded that Martin Fayulu’s delegates clarify remarks described as discourteous that he allegedly made against some of his opposition comrades.

Delegates should then define common strategies.

For example, the Fayulu camp expressed the need to examine the reasons why the opposition candidate was not declared the winner in 2018 before moving forward on a new joint candidacy for the December 2023 elections.

The representatives of these candidates should also elaborate on the drafting of a common program. A step already taken in broad terms. They also worked on the criteria to nominate a common candidate. At this level, although we are still far from unanimity, blocks are emerging.

Will they be able to reach an agreement? Discussions continue this Friday. “ As you know, white smoke sometimes appears on the last day of trading “, confided a delegate.

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