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Nancy Pelosi’s husband’s attacker found guilty

He fractured the skull of the husband of Nancy Pelosi, the former Democratic leader, with a hammer while breaking into their San Francisco home last year. David DePapa, a marginal and conspiratorial supporter of Donald Trump, was found guilty this Thursday by a San Francisco court.

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With our correspondent in Miami, David Thomson

When he broke into the luxurious Pelosi residence, on the heights of San Francisco in October 2023 with a rope, gloves and tape, David DePape planned to kidnap Nancy Pelosi. At the hearing, the accused explained that he wanted to make her admit the Democrats’ lies, but that day, the woman who was then the President of the House of Representatives was in Washington. Only her husband Paul is in the house. Then several times, the 43-year-old man violently hits the octogenarian in the face with a hammer.

A year later, his trial showed how much this illegal Canadian was immersed in a world of conspiracy which ultimately pushed him to take action. A solitary gamer, he subscribed to dozens of pro-Trump conspiracy podcasts from the QAnon movement. He saw his criminal project as a crusade against the Democratic leaders, all corrupt pedophiles, according to him.

And that was his line of defense. Because even if he admitted the attack, David DePape pleaded not guilty, ensuring that he had been blinded by his conspiratorial beliefs. the argument did not convince the jury which found him guilty. His sentence, which could be up to life in prison, is to be announced later.

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