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Podcast “klima update°”: The climate news of the week

The Federal Constitutional Court cancels traffic light plans to finance climate policy. And Germany gets a climate adaptation law.

Several people are standing around a drain.

Becomes law: climate adaptation for heavy rain, among other things, here in a park in Potsdam Photo: Jens Kalaene/dpa

BERLIN taz | The traffic light government suddenly lacks 60 billion euros for climate protection: The reallocation of Corona money into climate money was illegal, the Federal Constitutional Court has ruled. What options does the traffic light government have to close the glaring financial gap? Talks about it taz-Climate editor Susanne Schwarz with Verena Kern, editor-in-chief of climate reporter°.

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More heat, more drought, more heavy rain and rising sea levels: the climate crisis is making the world more dangerous – including in Germany. For the first time, a law should now prescribe preparation for the new circumstances. This week he has Bundestag passed the Climate Adaptation Act. But important questions remain unanswered.

Two weeks before the UN climate conference in Dubai, the World Weather Organization presented its annual greenhouse gas report. All greenhouse gases have a concentration in the atmosphere reached new highs. There is a small ray of hope: the EU now wants to significantly reduce methane emissions.

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