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Power Rangers’ Former Red Ranger Just Became One Of The Franchise’s Strongest Characters

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Powers Rangers Dino Fury and Power Rangers Cosmic Fury!


  • Zayto, the Red Ranger of Dino Fury, becomes a Morphin Master and one of the strongest characters in the Power Rangers universe.
  • The Morphin Masters are ageless beings with immense power who create mystical artifacts to empower Rangers and protect the Morphin Grid.
  • Zayto’s transformation into a Morphin Master comes at a cost, but it showcases the noble nature of the Masters and the Rangers they choose to join them.

Zayto (Russell Curry), the alien commander who traveled 65 million years into the future to lead the modern Dino Fury Rangers, became one of the strongest characters in the Power Rangers franchise. It’s appropriate that the commander of the Knights of Rafkon, the strongest military force on his home planet of Rafkon, should undergo a metamorphosis befitting his bravery in the Sporix Wars and other conflicts. He might not have been able to safe his planet, and he might have felt responsible for the deaths of his comrades over the years, but there’s no denying that Zayto is the most deserving of any Ranger to receive this gift.

Whether facing Sporix Beasts, Lord Zedd, or stasis alone and waking up in a foreign time without any friends, Zayto has always kept his cool, which is one of the reasons why he’s considered one of the greatest Power Rangers of all time in one of the top Powers Rangers series. Few Rangers have the the leadership, compassion, and fortitude of Dino Fury’s indefatigable Red Ranger. Unfortunately, the way in which Zayto is able to undergo the transition into being one of the Power Rangers strongest characters comes at a considerable cost to himself, but ultimately, he’s granted the privilege of sacrificing himself for a noble cause.

Dino Fury’s Red Ranger Zayto Becomes A Morphin Master In Cosmic Fury

Zenith Ranger Zayto in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Zayto passed away in Dino Fury while fighting the Nemesis Beast, eventually becoming one with the Morphin Grid. When that happened, Zayto became one of the Morphin Masters, better known as the strongest beings in the Power Rangers universe. The Morphin Masters assisted Zayto long ago by helping him and his teammates to fuse with their dinosaurs and become the first Dino Fury Power Rangers, but it resulted in devastating losses and the presumption that his friend Aiyon, since resurrected as the Gold Ranger, was lost forever.

Thanks to the Morphin Masters, he was temporarily known as Zenith, and the former Red Ranger held the abilities of the Dino Fury Zenith Ranger until his Dinohenge was destroyed. At that point, he gained the powers of the Cosmic Fury Zenith Ranger and returned to fight alongside the Cosmic Fury Rangers until he became a Morphin Master in time to defeat the infamous Lord Zedd. When that happened, he could no longer be part of the mortal coil, and he was forced to bid his friend farewell and leave Earth behind to dwell in the Morphin Grid with the rest of his fellow Morphin Masters.

What Power Rangers’ Morphin Masters Actually Are


After his first interaction with the Morphin Masters (also known simply as “The Masters”), Zayto described them as “ageless beings with untold power” who helped him and his people at their most desperate hour. According to him, the beings drew incredible amounts of celestial energy from the Morphin Grid and used it to create “mystical artifacts to power teams of Rangers.” Examples included not just Dino Gems for the Dino Rangers, but Energems for the Dino Charge Rangers, and the Ninja Nexus Prism, for the Ninja Steel Rangers, as well as much more to benefit Rangers who protected Earth and the rest of the galaxy through time and space.

Creating Power Rangers teams inspired new dangers and threats, and the Morphin Masters came under attack themselves. Despite the challenges, the Green Morphin Master breaking the vow to help the Dino Fury Rangers ends up having a symbiotic relationship between the Morphin Masters and the Power Rangers teams they created, as the latter becomes their greatest hope of protecting the Morphin Grid against the forces of darkness. While Zayto’s fate might have been a sad one, it also exemplifies and highlights the nobility of the Morphin Masters and those they deem worthy enough to join them from the Power Rangers teams.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

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