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Sin arranque, obra de la escuela Bruno Martínez en Gómez Palacio

A new time when the Durango government initiated the demolition, we did not have to carry out the reconstruction of the emblematic public primary school “Profr. Bruno Martínez”, located between Avenida José María Morelos and Calle Mariano Escobedo, in the Centro area. by Gomez Palacio.

This year’s February and during the official banner, the governor Esteban Villegas Villarreal, promised that in 2024 he would enter the obra, valued at 20 million pesos.

In a recorrido that hizo ayer El Siglo de Torreón for the area, only observe the tapiales to delimit the interior of the obra with the exterior of the misma, as if like the end of the demolition work and the cleaning of the crane of the land. No employees are present and the main access has a candado puesto.

The subsecretario of Education in the region, Fernando Ulises Adame de León, admitted that there was a retraso and that the course will be maintained until last year, coinciding with the start of the 2024-2025 school cycle.

“It took a lot of time to leave home, this is my week, this is a week that you have to start, you see this is pending because there is a whole list for you to start, the course and instruction is already there for you, you believe that it is a administration tema more than other costs, but if you follow more of what we have anticipated”, apuntó.


Currently, this educational center has matriculated about 750 graduates in early and mid-year courses, but they are distributed to students of the Escuela Normal Superior De La Laguna Regular Courses and the primary school “Profra. Mariana León de Chávez “.

In February, the general director of the Instituto para la Infrastructura Física Educativa del Estado de Durango (INIFEED), Emmanuel José del Palacio Sicsike, recorded that in conjunction with Civil Protection it was a structural dictamen and that it was determined that there were no conditions for maintaining the structure of the building dating from 1909.

Mentioned that, in the new project, it was necessary to honor the history of Gomez Palacio and that the reconstruction would use materials from the region.

It will be a building of two floors and with a central staircase model. It is located in 20 educational spaces, including children, children’s and children’s school, children’s room, library, cafeteria, forum and room for multiple uses.

“We hope that everything is safe and that we still have technology with a different home and that is what we are currently doing. The start of the 2024 energy program is a very good school that has started with a solicitation process and that it has “initiate with the construction of the patent”, said in these words.


The old building was built in 1909.

* Its final remodeling was in 1962, it was decided 61 years ago.

* In April of this year, the local governor, Susy Torrecillas, presented an initiative to declare the character of Centenaria a la primaria ‘Profr. Bruno Martínez’, who has been an educator for more than 100 years.

In February of this year, the demolition of the old building that housed around 750 alumni began.

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