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Stefan Sagmeister apuesta por una vision no catastrófica del mundo en exposition del Arocena

Ha sido un cierre de año duro. Between the war between Israel and Palestine, and the nitrogen of Huracan Otis in the port of Acapulco, the news media became saturated with sad images. All the tragedia is lamentable, it is true, but the Austrian artist Stefan Sagmeister propone another miracle of reality, one that has all the actuality no es tan malo.

Beautuful Numbers / Belleza in these words, is the new temporal exhibition that was installed in the Museo Arocena de Torreón. Authorized by Stefan Sagmeister, it is composed of 48 original pieces and the projection of the film The Happy Film, made by the artist in 2016, which is ultimately claimed to be in the form of the graphic design and all of its objects, which can bring happiness to humanity.

“Stefan says that if part of a feeling of everything is terrible and it is not good, it is much more complicated to resolve and decide that we can maintain that respect. But, if we have positive experiences, we can log much more.”

Sergio Garza Orellana, curator of the Museo Arocena, reviews the story and explains Sagmeister’s proposal. The museography was made by the artist owner, who unfortunately we cannot travel to Torreón to present the inauguration. Beautuful Numbers / Belleza en cifras estará vigente asta el near mes de April.

Sagmeister apuesta por una considerationa largo plazo. Empezó a hurgar en datos y encontró que las stadísticas no son tan malas como en siglos anteriores (por ejemplo, las guerras han diminished y la esperanza de vida ha amentado). How can we transmit the largest volume? The light is on display.


“The panorama has changed a lot. No feelings as well, feelings that all of us are not happy to live in the fear of possible worlds. But in reality, the efforts that we have as humanity have come through institutions, initiatives, the conformation of human rights, health, medicine, technology, our lives are allowed to live longer, to live with less war “y, considering that natural disasters are algo that we cannot control, we allow us to reduce the number of deaths that cause them”.

La obras intervenidas con incrustaciones by Sagmeister son reproductions del siglo XIX (obtained graces to his family of antiquarios), Las concibe como propaganda para llevarlas al público y revisar que ha pasado en los ultimos tiempos of positive nature.

“Las gráficas nos hablan de un monde que ne está bien, but que vamos por buen camino. Eso es lo fundamental”.

Orellana signals a moment that intervenes in circles, which signals the last pandemics that have violated humanity. To begin with, the Spanish flu of 1918 was destroyed, the AIDS epidemic of our years set in, the plague a finals of siglo XX and the smallest circulation responded to the fallecidos by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

“Believing that the Covid-19 pandemic is a terrible pandemic, that you have many consequences of the level of death and economic disasters in many countriesbut at the weight of it, these are the advances that hemos tenido, our han permitido controlar y diminishe these effects”.

Other data employed by Sagmeister refer to the women’s papers in public life, the disappearance of analyte and the hambruna, through graphics on their links, impressions and other borders.


Born in Bregenz, Austria, in 1962, Sagmeister distinguished himself by his transgression of humor. He studied graphic design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and later at the Pratt Institute in New York. Fundó Saigmester Inc, in 1993.

Here are five nominations for the first Grammys and In 2001 he was graced with his work in the Talking Heads band set-box. This mismo año reunited all of its work in a book titled Made You Look.

Austria has ten clients such as David Byrne, Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones and Japanese artist Mariko Mori. We predict that the artist will visit La Laguna in 2024.

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