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The Kim & Ethan “Credit Card Story” Explained (Is Kim Really The Villain?)


  • Kim Plath’s misuse of Ethan’s credit card has caused significant strain in her relationship with Olivia and Ethan, leading to their divorce.
  • Olivia’s decision to stick up for Ethan against his mother’s credit card fraud was seen as petty and hostile by the Plath family.
  • Kim’s past mistakes, including her involvement in her son’s death and a DUI in 2022, suggest a pattern of poor behavior that continues to haunt her and her family.

Welcome To Plathville season 5 has explored the relationship between Kim Plath and Ethan Plath more extensively, but viewers are still wondering what happened between the mother and son regarding Ethan’s infamous credit card. Throughout the run of Welcome To Plathville, Kim has had trouble when it comes to her family. Whether issues with her rebellious daughter, Moriah Plath, or her son Ethan’s relationship with Olivia Plath, Kim has shown that she’s challenging to deal with. While Ethan has moments where he’s tolerable, the eldest Plath son is also somewhat difficult, so the mother and son paired up is a hard pill to swallow.

Though Welcome To Plathville season 5 has focused more largely on Ethan’s marriage to Olivia as it crumbles, there have been threads from past seasons regarding Kim’s relationship with the couple in recent episodes. Kim has been vocal about her disdain for Olivia, especially how she feels that Ethan’s changed since he married her. While harsh words have been shared between Kim and Olivia, one of her most significant issues with them has more to do with Ethan. While Olivia became involved in the issues surrounding the alleged credit card fraud, the problem was mainly between Kim and Ethan alone.

Did Kim Plath Misuse Ethan Plath’s Credit Card?

Kim Plath looking down twice from Welcome to Plathville

After years of growing animosity between herself and Kim, Olivia revealed why she’d been having trouble believing Kim had turned over a new leaf during the Welcome To Plathville season 4 finale. At the time, Olivia was holding out from allowing Kim back into her life and, subsequently, Ethan’s. The family was confused and even irritated at Olivia’s boundaries, but things made more sense when she explained that Kim had been using Ethan’s credit card without his permission. Olivia understood Kim was making purchases using Ethan’s credit card and not reimbursing him, pushing her to stick up for her husband and invoice her mother-in-law for the balance.

Did The Welcome To Plathville Credit Card Scandal Trigger Ethan & Olivia’s Divorce?

Although Kim and Ethan’s issues surrounding her alleged credit card fraud have been somewhat resolved, it greatly strained Olivia’s relationships with Kim and Ethan. Olivia, being the person who stuck up for Ethan in such a difficult situation, especially against his mother, couldn’t have been easy. While it was done out of care and love, Ethan’s family saw Olivia’s actions as petty and hostile. The Plath family turned against Olivia and quickly tried to push her out of Ethan’s life. As Olivia and Ethan are divorcing, it’s possible that the credit card scandal was a driving factor in the issues that caused the couple’s split.

Kim Plath Has Done Sketchy Things Before

Side by side images of Welcome to Plathville's Kim Plath looking serious and worried, respectively

Kim tried to get the rest of the family on board when she attempted to start a fresh chapter. Unfortunately, Kim’s past mistakes have continued to haunt her and the rest of the Plath family. Kim has been through a lot, but it doesn’t excuse her poor behavior. Tragically, Kim played a role in her young son Joshua Plath’s death in 2008, accidentally running him over while working on the farmland she and Barry Plath raised their kids on. This has led some Welcome To Plathville viewers to understand that her 2022 DUI wasn’t an accident but the consequence of repeated poor behavior that Kim’s been guilty of.

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