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The PRI endorsed Xóchitl Gálvez’s candidacy for the presidency

The Permanent Political Commission of the PRI, chaired by its president, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, approved the participation of Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, in its capacity of sympathy, in the internal process of selection and postulation of the candidacy for the Presidency of Mexico.

During the session of the Commission, celebrated in the national party of the party, the national leader of the tricolor affirmed that “Xóchitl ha demostrado ser de madera priista. Ha demostrado no sólo compartir principios y valores del PRI”.

Accompanied by the Secretary General of the PRI, Carolina Viggiano, and the coordinators of the banks of deputies and senators, Rubén Moreira and Manuel Añorve, respectively, explains that the reasons for the construction manager of the Frente Amplio por Méxicoits history of life and its political course, “its congruents with the principles that defend us from the Mexico Revolution, hasta el México that we have tenemos”.

“No one knows that Xóchitl is more important than many other people who can only use it in their position in the party to carry personal belongings, and they can be brought to the boat when the cargo is easy and the cargo is safe when it comes to them” , punctualizó.

Alejandro Moreno said that “this is our conviction, and I believe it is fully responsible and aware that this historical decision was involved without precedent by our political institution, that a woman, the first one that propelled the PRI to the Presidency, see Xóchitl Gálvez”.

The national leader of the PRI affirmed that the 2nd of June of 2024 marked the conclusion of an irreconcilable compromise for the priistas, and that, of course, “we have a city with the town of Mexico, with the Mexico of eyes, of institutions, that new party builtdesign, and that dieron los mejores tiempos para impulsar el proceso democratico y de mejor calidad de vida para los Mexicanos”.

Assume that the PRI was built, and it was a time of peace, stability, economic, political and social development, however, sobre todo, a gobierno that prestigiaba its external policy in the world.

“Eso is the synthetic part of what represents the legado of the PRI. No false policies on the streets, a vacuum, a living room of classes, a credit for your life, un camino para llegar a las comunidades más apartadas“, indicated.

Moreno Cárdenas assured that the Frente Amplio por México is a potent, plural, inclusive and, most important, unique coalition. “It’s unique, because, a difference between our political adversaries, which has no impositions on either a leader or a faction. Aquí no se baja a nadie a la fuerza. Aquí no hay maniobras ni malabares para poner a uno, o para poner a otro. Los priistas hemos pugnado por un processo abierto, plural y democratic. Xóchitl Gálvez emanó de uno, y así será para allos los procesos”.

Assume that “the price will work with Xóchitl, is there will be our new candidate and we will join us to go to Victoria and we will go to the Presidency of the Republic“, pues “lives the stage of major democratic degradation in the last times”, with a gobierno of Morena “cínico y corrupto”, that defames, criticizes and breaks the democratic regime, destroys the institutions and violates the law.

Alejandro Moreno affirmed that the present “is a lost, desubicated, descolocated, corrupt, false and ineffective government, a lost government, a party government”, with “a clear and indisputable vocation of caciquil, authoritarianism and caudilla”.

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