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Video Shows Moment Joe Burrow Suffered Injury Last Sunday

Joe Burrow Cincinnati Bengals against Baltimore Ravens

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Video shared by Chris Long on his Green Light podcast appears to show the moment Joe Burrow suffered his hand or wrist injury, not Thursday night, but last Sunday vs. Houston.

Long, a two-time Super Bowl champion who played in the NFL for 11 seasons, actually pointed out Burrow’s hand or wrist issue hours before the Bengals game versus the Ravens even began.

“Last night, I was sitting up watching film,” Long shared Thursday afternoon. “10:30 at night.

“We’ve got Joe Burrow getting off the bus. He’s got some sort of a brace or compression deal on his hands.

“So the whole internet is freaking out.

“And, they look guilty as f— for this because Cincinnati puts the video up and then takes it down when people notice. There’s also a picture of him getting off the plane, I don’t know who it’s from, holding his tablet with this black glove on or brace.

“The first thing I noticed though was this brace, this compression thing,” Long continued to explain. “So immediately I’m thinking, ‘Hey, it could be no big deal, but I’m going to go back and look.’

“I’ve already watched this entire tape, but I haven’t looked to see where Burrow might have dinged his hand.

“And it’s like one in the morning and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I have it.’

“And I’m thinking I might be the main character on the internet because I found the thing everybody’s worried about going in Thursday night.”

Chris Long then shows the second play of the Bengals’ game versus the Texans last Sunday.

In the clip, Burrow drops back and throws a pass, but on his follow through appears to get his throwing hand sandwiched between his chest plate and one of his offensive linemen.

“And you can see it on the sideline,” Long continued. “He walks back to the huddle grabbing his hand.”

Chris Long’s breakdown of tape, for a game he wasn’t even playing in or coaching, certainly makes Bengals coach Zac Taylor’s claim that he didn’t know Joe Burrow was injured before the game somehow look even more unlikely to be true.

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