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Zolgensma will be covered by health insurance

The most expensive registered drug, Zolgensma, will be covered by public health insurance from January 1, 2024. The Minister of Health, Zuzana Dolinková, rejected the objections of the health insurance companies, which did not agree with the categorization of the two million dollar drug. “As a minister, I decided in the appeal proceedings and confirmed the first-instance decision. It was a decision expressly based on the recommendation of the categorization commission,” she said.

Although the health insurance companies considered the actions of the previous Minister of Health, Michal Palkovič, correct, so that patients could access modern treatment. However, they did not agree to categorize the drug without sufficient financial coverage. The Ministry of Health did not cope with the issue of securing resources at all. It did not take into account the financial situation of health insurance companies and argued harshly and confusedly,” the Dôvera health insurance company responded at the time. The health insurance company Union, on the other hand, stated that it does not agree with the non-public data and conditions that are stated in the contract on the reimbursement of the medicine, which was signed by the Ministry of Health with the holder of the medicine’s registration.

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