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Auditoría Superior del Estado observed 132 million pesos in Torreón

Acquired with the Annual Report of the Auditoría Superior del Estado (ASE) of Coahuila, this fiscal organization carried out observations for a sum greater than 132.8 million pesos at the 2022 Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Municipality of Torreón, although it will be deducted Solve in a matter of 40 days.

From my observed, 22.5 million pesos correspond to a compromise or insufficient justification relating to the presupuestal ejercicio de sueldos, salaries and benefits; Other 9.9 million are due to insufficient documentation, documentation and information.

For arrendamientos and contracting of services we are advised to include sums of 74.5 and 23.2 million pesos.

In the public eye, regulatory deficiencies are detected in contract award processesas if there was no credit or documentation, for a total of 2.4 million pesos.

As part of the conclusions, the ASE refers that the programs and their delivery are generally adjusted to the approved terms and conditions; We carry out a reasonable design of plans and programs, as well as monitoring and evaluation based on indicators.

“It is possible to conclude that you have a relative failure to manage according to the assumed model based on the results and the Desperation Evaluation System, which is due to the areas of opportunity identified…”

In total, ASE observed more than 3,913 million pesos in a total of 146 public entities in the state of Coahuila, although it was reported that between the Congress of the State, and that the cifra represented 20 per cent of the cifra What was observed in the public recruitment efforts of 2021.


The first governor and president of the Commission of Hacienda, Patrimonio and Public Library of the City of Torreón, Luis Jorge Cuerda Serna destacó que las observaciones de la Auditoría Superior del Estado (ASE) de Coahuila al ejercicio 2022 están de lo normal y que principalmente Its administrative character questions that surely can be solved without problems.

Indicates that there are no observations in the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the previous year that there are irregularities of criminal character due to poor handling of the charges, otherwise there are administrative aspects that must be declared before the tax agency in the plazo of the 40 days.

Many of these observations include only a few details of requirements such as those that establish the SATas in the case of employees and employees that the CFDI can detail this in a reporting theme”, indicated.

Luis Jorge Cuerda concluded that the administration had an adequate management of finances, which allowed it to increase the property’s investments, allowing the ASE propia to practice auditors a long time from all years.

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