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crackdown on the movements of the ultra-right

The intelligence services have carried out several arrests, particularly in Brittany and the south of France, against ultra-right terrorists. The defendants maintain that they are obtaining weapons “ for protection and defense purposes », According to a source close to the matter.

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A 20-year-old young man who received weapons by parcel, a serving soldier, a former police officer… Four men affiliated with this ideology were presented this Friday evening to an anti-terrorism judge in Paris, with a view to possible indictment , for criminal terrorist association.

Ten people, aged approximately 17 to 60, were arrested at the start of the week. Six were released, without prosecution at this stage. Nearly a hundred weapons or ammunition were seized from their homes. According to a source working on this case, these individuals are immersed in an environment ranging from survivalism to the extreme right. They are “ passionate about weapons “. Part of their remarks is also “ extremely hostile towards immigrants and Jews “.

Fear of violent actions

The investigations concern “ on arms transactions between several individuals adhering to a violent ultra-right ideology, some of whom mentioned plans for violent action against different targets (anti-fascist groups in particular) “, Pnat explained to AFP on Saturday. Judicial information is also open for unauthorized possession and manufacture of explosive devices, unauthorized acquisition of category B and C weapons, acquisition, possession and transfer of category A, B and C weapons, all in relation with a terrorist enterprise.

This movement worries the authorities. They identified nearly 3,000 people belonging to organizations described as ultra-right. In an interview given in July to the newspaper The world, the head of internal intelligence, Nicolas Lerner warned of a resurgence of violent actions on the part of these groups. He also indicated that 10 planned attacks planned by these small groups had been foiled in France in less than six years.

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