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Crucero El Campesino, rebasado en capacidad para desfogar circulación en Torreón

The crucero El Campesino del periférico Raúl López Sánchez está rebasado en su capacidad para desfogar la circulación en un sector en pleno encrecimiento; Autoridades and entrepreneurs consider that the construction of the Giro Independencia will serve to reduce vehicle load.

Usage of this communication route coincides with the fact that, in normal times, you need to switch between 15 and 20 minutes to reach your crucero and transmit your lives, work centers, schools and other destinations.

The mismo can be found for those who can only return to the periférico mismo, all of which in the direction of the north, which forms long threads; The problem worsens over time of rain, however, due to accumulation of water, it is necessary to close the side edges of the device.

Some problems persist after some faults arise, such as the ability to drive a second road to open the road in the Viñedos district, You have to deal with ordering the circulation through the application of many.

Its circle of 27 thousand vehicles which are in transit by this confluence in the different sentidos, sea of ​​on the north or vice versa by the López Sánchez route, hacia el sector Viñedos and all the colonies and ejidos that the rodean, or well rumbo al poniente On Calle Carretera in San Pedro, you will find the international airport.


Juan Adolfo Von Bertrab Saracho, director of Obras Públicas recognizes that the district of vines and colonies and villages that the rodean is acotados, only one source with tres entradas and sales and, due to the growth of this sector, is very necessary to consider the creation of access routes.

One of the establishments is on the road and back further along the ancient road to San Pedro, but you are seen to be insufficient if you find that the Viñedos sector has crecido organically, with more than 5 thousand inhabited lots of cases 14 thousand.

“Cada día día que pasa llega a vivir más gente, se está saturando eto esto nos obliga a buscar, en conjunto con los desarrolladores y dueños de la tierra, y con base en el Plan Municipal de Desarrollo, opciones para nuevas vialidades y generar esquemas de communication”indicated, it is a sign that it is tending to reach Santa Fe and the surrounding area.

Yes, we only deal with Vinedos, if not all the colonies that are on the northern side like Villas San Agustín, ejidos like the mismo San Agustín, Santa Fe, San Luis, and other residential and industrial developments on the road to La Unión -The Partida.


This object is projected on the cruce of the road and the independent building, will contribute to desfogar the circulation of the crucero El Campesino, will support the holder of Public Obras and the president of the organism Industrial City of Torreón (CIT), Luis Garnier Flores.

The operator explains that, with the flow continuing in the circle or glorieta, it will allow you to view the vines and smear this mismo distrito hacia el sur, therefore it is obligatory to hope for the light of the lights.

Then you will be able to view the road continuously, where there is a gasoline engine and it will go to the side; in U por el returnto previo a la rotonda, You must travel to the industrial zone and dirty your property in the north without the need to transport your property to El Campesino.

The president of the CIT, Luis Garnier Flores, indicated that when the project was designed, the entrepreneurs in this sector were asked because it was not uniquely a solution for the industries, but also for more than 20 thousand employees who received it regularly.

If we already use alternate routes to work opportunities, we can contribute to the reduction of traffic both in El Campesino and Villa Florida, we use these crucifixes that we can deprive if we pass directly to Independence and Duéñez Orozco“, you will achieve the Giro Independencia.

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