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Facsa students, non-compliant with protocol to receive hostility and sexual harassment from UJED

Facsa students, non-compliant with protocol to receive hostility and sexual harassment from UJED

The Facsa en Movimiento (AFEM) student movement is in conformity with the Protocol of Actuación for the prevention, warning and sanction of sexual hostility and harassment of the Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango (UJED). Say that various students manifest their anger and desacuerdo objectando that “it is not directed to the prevention and much less to the protection of the victim”.

Furthermore, we indicate that we do not request the intervention of the Unit of Prevention and Prevention of General Violation of the maximum number of students that llegó el pasado miércoles a la Facsa. “By the way, we welcome you so you can follow the instructions of the corresponding people. Se hizo un comunicado invitando a los alumnos para sistir ese se día al plantel para que las víctimas puedan rendir sus dichos e interponer sus denuncias en temas de acoso, sexual abuse, abuse of power, between other themes of the misma índole, en la cual recibimos the negative response to various students, indicates the non-conformity that took place before the procedure stipulated in the protocol, although it was taken into account by the staff of the unit”.

Let’s say that the unit was abandoned when the student came with a series of instructions about the actuation process “donde la encargada de la unidad nos dio responda pero reconoció nuestro desacuerdo”.


The movement also depends on any information and negotiation that the Federación Estudiantil Universitaria de Durango (FEUD) has lost credibility “to demonstrate connections between the student community and the administrative authorities of the plant”.

Assume that there are inconsistencies in student varios in the sense that they are not in accordance with their organization within the faculty. “We generate an environment of distrust, especulando the filtration of information, if we are those responsible for it”. Please send an invitation to the FEUD to withdraw from the installations you may have next, at any time requesting your intervention “and our intention to do so, if we plan to make a profit on behalf of the administrative authorities. The student community of Facsa does not recognize FEUD as an organ of solidarity with the cause by which we solicited our decision from the plant”.

On five days of protest from the student community of the Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud (Facsa), AFEM urged the directives and administrative authorities of the Facsa to advise the students and alumni who are at the graduate point. “Necessary medidas in whatever frame, paper, exams and/or any other corresponding requirements so that they follow the procedure without objections and realize the most possible form”.

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