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Freek Vonk would like to become a father, but needs to travel far to be happy | Backbiting

Freek Vonk thinks it would be great to have children, but he thinks that a house-tree-little life does not suit him. The TV biologist needs long journeys and adventures to be happy.

“A family with children certainly seems great to me,” says the forty-year-old presenter in an interview with it A.D. “I also need to travel far, have adventures and do research to be happy. And if you are not happy yourself, you cannot make someone else happy.”

Vonk has several ideas for the future, but no concrete plan yet. “Part of me would like to live in the Surinamese jungle. But I also love people. And the Netherlands, and Dutch food. We’ll see what the future brings, it could go either way.”

Last summer, Vonk announced that he and Franka Vedder were ending their relationship after almost two years had broken. Because Vonk is often away from home for long periods of time for his work, the relationship did not work out. “It turned out to be too difficult to combine our lives, I am sometimes away from home for eight months a year. Time is a huge puzzle and we could not solve it.”

Despite the breakup, the two still get along well. “I spoke to her this morning. I still love her.”

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