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Juraj Blanár: PVV will be supported by all members of the coalition

All 79 deputies of the government coalition will support the program statement of the government. This was stated on Saturday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Smer-SD, Juraj Blanár, in the RTVS Sobotné dialogy program. He does not consider it a problem that the head of the party, Robert Fico, could not yet appear as prime minister with the confidence of the National Council of the Slovak Republic at the Snemu-SD assembly on Friday. According to him, the important thing is that they created a coalition and the program statement of the government, for which they will vote on Tuesday. “Let’s let everyone who is logged in to the debate be able to speak,” he said.

As he stated later in the show, in the area of ​​foreign policy, according to him, the new government will promote a sovereign, sovereign, active foreign policy that will protect the national-state interests of Slovakia. He emphasized that Slovakia must be in the first place in all decisions. According to him, the country’s foreign policy orientation does not change after the change of government, Smer-SD is in favor of Slovakia’s membership in the European Union and NATO. “The European Union is very important and it is our space. After all, we pushed for the adoption of the euro and Schengen,” Blanár recalled.

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