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Kim Mulkey Goes On Unhinged Rant About Her Ongoing Illness

Kim Mulkey Illness Sick Flu Allergies
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If you get the flu during the Thanksgiving holiday, blame Kim Mulkey. She said to do so!

The 61-year-old head coach of LSU women’s basketball has a bad case of the sniffles and is under the weather. There is no telling what it might be, and she is not going to take any tests of any kind.

There is one thing that we know for sure: it is not allergies. Mulkey claims does not get allergies because only sissies get allergies.

That’s a real thing that came out of her mouth in real life. She ended her press conference on Friday night with a bizarre, unhinged rant about her ongoing illness.

Nobody prompted Kim Mulkey to speak about her ailment. The closing statement was entirely her own.

How bizarre!

Mulkey had a lot to address following the 23-point win over Southeastern Louisiana. Angel Reese was benched on Tuesday. No explanation was given other than a “coach’s decision,” but it reportedly had to do with her attitude.

To make things worse, serious drama broke out among mothers of players on the team. Flau’jae Johnson’s mom alluded to the idea that Reese might have a truly embarrassing GPA while popping off online.

Angel Reese may or may not be suspended.

She did not travel with the team on Friday. She is currently away from the program.

No further clarity on the situation was provided by the head coach.

Believe it or not, Mulkey spent more time talking about her heath than she did about Reese. Her sassy statement about the Final Four MVP from a year ago was shorter than her closing comments about the flu or cold that forced her to keep a tissue at the ready throughout her press conference.

Everything going on with the reigning national champions is getting weirder by the minute. However, despite everything that’s going on — and Mulkey’s illness — the Tigers are 2-0 in their last two games.

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