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México cae ante Honduras | El Siglo de Torreón

The team of Honduras lost 2-0 in good football in Mexico, in the final game of the Copa de Nations de la Concacaf for a win at the Copa America of 2024.

The locals are very confident and safe before the Mexicans, in a first time that they do most of their work in the middle of the field and have a lot of personal and safe skills, so that they can still see the game.

At minute 6, Anthony Lozano took a trip to the area and attacked the Mexican defenses, and he took a note in a game that ended with an encounter with the Mexican porter, Guillermo Ochoa.

The shock with Lozano assigned to Ochoa in the night and at least 10 minutes was taken by Luis Malagón.

In another incursion from Honduras, at minute 13, Lozano headed towards the Mexico City gate, which he did not end up entering in the middle of the camp and was determined to harm the contragolpe and was controlled by the defense of the catrachos.

Hirving Lozano tried at least 24 minutes from the area with a potential remate, so that the Honduran porter, Edrick Menjívar, had to envy the ball in the bag of esquina.


Honduras was released at the 29th with the gol of Anthony Lozano, who received a pass from Luis Palma who controlled the ball with the fish and with a suave hat, but was well placed, super in Malagon, which after a few minutes the tap had disappeared. a bocajarro al ‘Choco’ Lozano.

México buscaba sacudirse de la marcación que le ejercía Honduras, que quería más y creó otras jugadas de peligró con Lozano y Luis Palma en los ultimos minutes del primer tiempo.

In the second episode of México we entered with major movement and a game of first intention, Honduras hoped to surprise with the speed of our men in point.

The tales of Mexico by Irving Lozano and Santiago Giménez did not bear fruit due to the imprecision of their actions when they lleged the rival area, but Honduras las buscaba all the way to break with the “maleficio” of not winning the Aztecas in the last five years.

The attack on Honduras was more dynamic with the entry of Alberth Elis, replacing Rigoberto Rivas, and Bryan Róchez by Anthony Lozano at the end of the second period.

Fue el mismo Róchez el cargado de notar el segundo gol de Honduras, de buena factura, al minuto 72.

Róchez recibió a pase entro de la area de Jorge Álvarez y tras controlar la pelota se giró para disparar por bajo y entre las piernas de Malagón.

The Honduran technical strategy, the Colombian Reinaldo Rueda, nationalized Honduras since he recorded the clasificación of the Central Americans in the World Cup of South Africa 2010, the function was perfect, better in the second half, in a party that many of us were favored by. aztecas.

The match between Mexicans and Honduras for the final quarters of the Copa de Naciones de la Concacaf, classic for the Copa América, which will be contested in 2024, will be played next to the Estadio Azteca.

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