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rally in Madrid against the amnesty in favor of Catalan separatists

Two days after the inauguration of Pedro Sanchez as head of the Spanish government, the right and the far right of the country called a rally in the capital, this Saturday, November 18, to which tens of thousands of people responded to denounce the amnesty that the head of government wishes to put in place in favor of Catalan separatists. Daily demonstrations have been taking place in much of the country for several days now. A discontent that does not seem to be calming down, as this gathering demonstrates.

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The inauguration of Pedro Sanchez last Thursday did not calm the anger of some Spaniards, quite the contrary. Proof of this is that, this Saturday, November 18, there were tens of thousands in the streets of central Madrid who responded to the call from the conservatives of the Popular Party and Vox, a far-right group, to denounce the amnesty that the head of the Spanish government wishes to apply to Catalan officials, prosecuted by the courts after the self-determination referendum organized in 2017.

Constitution violated

An amnesty which violates the Constitution considers these demonstrators who display Spanish and European flags, as well as signs which read, among other things, “ Pedro Sanchez is the peephole of the 21st century “. A gathering which counts on the presence of the leader of the conservatives, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo and the leader of the far-right, Santiago Abascal.

A fraud, a humiliation

Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, whose party won in the last legislative elections but which did not manage to gather the necessary votes in Parliament to be invested, believes that the pact sealed between Pedro Sanchez and the Catalan separatists is a fraud and a humiliation for Spain. Alberto Nuñez Feijoo asks Pedro Sanchez not to build a wall and not to play with coexistence.

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