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‘Son unos auténtico sinvergüenzas’, criticized David Faitelson in México tras derrota ante Honduras

The Mexican team lost 2-0 to Honduras in the final quarters of the Nations League, and Jaime Lozano’s team was the biggest player in the party and generated many criticisms of the players, like David Faitelson.

Done in the game in the 4-line program at the viewing point of Mexico’s action and it is not guarded.

“Algunos futbolistas mexicanos son unos auténticos sinvergüenzas, no les gusta la crítica”, David said.

Desde analyze los jugadores mexicanos “no compromise in the cancha of juego, the tastes that if you have always been good for them, the tastes are good enough”.

Furthermore, ironically, the Mexican Football Federation denounced that “the video of Juan Carlos Rodríguez’s audience was false”.

David Faitelson also used his cue from

“Escucho a los futbolistas mexicanos y entiendo, enseguida, el pobre nivel de nuestro futbol” y los reiteró que “muchos de ellos son, con todo respeto y hasta sin él, unos sinvergüenzas”, se le en su timeline.

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