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The Stone Roses bassist Mani loses wife Imelda Mounfield

Imelda Mounfield, the wife of The Stone Roses bassist Mani, has passed away following a lengthy cancer battle.

Mounfield was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer three years ago. Following her diagnosis, the couple hosted a series of auctions which raised over £100,000 for The Christie, The Stockport Charitable Trust and Maggie’s, who treated Imelda.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News in 2022, Imelda said ahead of one auction: “Both charities have supported me through my journey. Cancer affects not just the person who has it, but everyone around them, and I hope that by investing in some more research, we can help alleviate some of the devastation caused to families.”

Their latest raffle took place in September at The Edwardian Radisson Hotel in Manchester. Notable auctioned off items included football boots worn by David Beckham and a snare drum signed by Zak and Ringo Starr.

Mani added: “When life deals you a pair of twos, you must get your game face on! The past two years since my wife’s diagnosis have been brutal in so many ways, but it’s also opened our eyes to so many things.”

He continued: “This disease needs to be eradicated – we feel duty bound to do our bit to achieve this. So everybody, get on board, dig deep, help out, we will win.”

Tributes have already begun to pour in from figures in the Manchester music scene following news of Mounfield’s death. Sharing an image of herself with Mani and Imelda, Rowetta from The Happy Mondays wrote: “So beautiful, so brave, so LOVED. We’re all going to miss you Imelda Mounfield. All my thoughts and love to Mani and your beautiful, precious boys and love to all Imelda’s family & friends.”

Meanwhile, The Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown shared an image of Mani and Imelda smiling, which he captioned: “RiP Imelda Mounfield GOD BLESS MANI and his boys X”.

Additionally, Happy Mondays drummer Gaz Whelan said: “Woke up to messages …absolutely gutted..this time last year we were all together on holiday…. Like Mani says..Manchester music family we are one …. So loved the whole family….. PEACE xx.”

See the tributes below.

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