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All Fyxestroll Garden Chest & Warptrotter Locations In Honkai: Star Rail

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Collectible rewards are all over every map in Honkai: Star Rail, with the new Fyxestroll Garden area being no exception, hosting a variety of chests and a Warp Trotter to discover. As of the 1.5 update for the game, there are many treasures that you and your crew can track down. You’ll have to travel to the edges of the Garden and fight a few tough enemies to receive every reward available.



Before starting to hunt for chests, you may want to complete the “Sojourners’ Ghastly Revive” quest to unlock new sections of the Fyxestroll Garden. This is a Trailblaze Continuance Quest that also raises your Trailblaze level in Honkai: Star Rail, giving you access to other content. The extra flexibility with character builds that comes from an increased level might help you against the enemies you’ll face in the Garden.

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Every Fyxestroll Garden Chest Location

Honkai: Star Rail Fyxestroll Garden Chest whose Location Yields Every Major Reward

There are 14 chests and 2 extra treasures to find in Fyxestroll Garden, including a Bountiful and Precious vault of loot that provides you with way more items than the standard boxes. Opening any container is a great way to farm Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail, since it is practically a guaranteed reward from each chest. This premium currency will help you buy Warps without having to grind limited-time events.


Where to Find

Map Image

Basic Treasure #1

In a small temple just to the left from where you fought enemies when first entering the area.

Basic Treasure #2

On a ledge to the south from Basic Treasure #1, just up a path that oversees the temple.

Basic Treasure #3

Right at the bottom of a cliff at the southwest edge of the Garden map.

Basic Treasure #4

All the way to the northwest section of the map, a short distance forward from the Space Anchor there.

Basic Treasure #5

Past the twisting bamboo path to your right on the route from Basic Treasure #4, behind the mirror.

Basic Treasure #6

From Basic Treasure #5, investigate the mirror to be transported to a floating island with another mirror. Investigate that one as well to arrive at a mirror nexus, then do the same thing to the mirror on the left. This takes you to a similar place with the chest right in front of you.

Basic Treasure #7

At the place where you open Basic Treasure #6, investigate the mirror immediately to your right and travel to a new area. You’ll see another chest on an island far away that you can reach by walking across a bridge made of green mist.

Same as Basic Treasure #6

Basic Treasure #8

Directly across from the Space Anchor toward the northeast area of the map.

Basic Treasure #9

Across the walkways leading south from Basic Treasure #8, where the Ghost Actor is singing.

Basic Treasure #10

Directly near a wall south from Basic Treasure #9 with a QR Code you have to take a picture with your camera, which can be done using the Function button.

Basic Treasure #11

Under a couple of trees at the southeast point of the map, right next to the edge of a cliff.

Basic Treasure #12

Stand on the green circle close to Basic Treasure #11 to travel up to a new area, where you can find the chest by going forward until you reach a small temple down some stone steps.

Basic Treasure #13

Down the stone path from the southeast Space Anchor, right before a small collection of trees, boxes, and bamboo.

Basic Treasure #14

After finding Basic Treasure #13, simply turn right toward the temple columns and go to the end of that hallway to find the chest.

The rarer treasures to obtain in Fyxestroll Garden are guarded by enemies, unlike the basic chests you may have uncovered before. Make sure you have a solid balance of characters in your team to take on the creatures seen in these Formidable Foe Challenges that tie to each container’s rewards. New faces like Argenti or Hanya in Honkai: Star Rail may be solid picks to your roster for these battles.


Where to Find

Map Image

Bountiful Treasure

Directly past the temple on the path south from the left of the first area you visit on this map.

Precious Treasure

At the northern point of the right rocky path toward the south section of the Garden.

Where to Find the Fyxestroll Garden Warp Trotter

Honkai: Star Rail Fyxestroll Garden Warp Trotter to Find at Southwest Cliffs in Area

Only one Warp Trotter can be found in Fyxestroll Garden, towards the southwest corner of the map right next to the edge of a cliff seen in the middle section of a rocky path. You may remember this spot as the place where you opened the Basic Treasure #3 chest. Be careful not to startle the creature, as doing so will make the impending fight much harder than it needs to be in Honkai: Star Rail.

The best way to gain an early advantage against a Warp Trotter is to sneak up on it and hit it from behind to start the fight with the creature scared and less likely to attack at first.

The Warp Trotter found in Fyxestroll Garden is Level 82, and is joined by four different enemies of similar strength. Your success here will depend on several factors, including your roster’s current health and Ultimate charge. If you fought the enemies in Honkai: Star Rail guarding the Precious and Bountiful Treasures already, you should have a good idea of which party members to use to take advantage of specific weaknesses.

Defeating the Warp Trotter will earn you 60 Stellar Jade, 3 Stones of the Hunt, 5 Artifex’s Module, 4 Vortex of the Wind, and 200 Credits. Some of these items are crucial for character Ascensions, which let you power up your favorite team members for future fights. Finding all the chests and this Warp Trotter’s location in Fyxestroll Garden lets you gain even more of these materials in Honkai: Star Rail.

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